The Saturday Question: Did You Splurge on Any Baby Gear?

Here at the Green Baby Guide, we’re all about hand-me-downs and Craigslist steals. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to splurge on something for your new bundle of joy. For me, it was the stroller. I chose the Maclaren Triumph stroller for its light weight (just 11 pounds) and foldable design. I imagined I’d be using it a lot on public transportation, since I don’t have a car. I’ve found it more convenient to simply walk everywhere. My daughter is now three-and-a-half and still rides in the stroller almost every day–so it was definitely worth it for me to get exactly what I wanted.

Audrey's very first stroller ride


What was worth a little extra money to you? Let us know!


  1. We are expecting baby # 2 in September and we just bought a Valco with the toddler seat! We traded in our single stroller for something that will hold both the newborn and our 2 year old. Although we use our carriers more frequently than our stroller right now, we figured that once the new baby arrives we may want something that is easier to use.
    We will find out if I actually get any use out of it though. We hardly ever used our single stroller!

  2. I *wish* I had splurged on a better breast pump.
    I splurged on the Ultimate Crib Sheet — totally worth it for quick and easy cleanup of nighttime/naptime diaper leaks.
    I also splurged by getting an extra base for our car seat, so we could have a base in each car and not have to switch it back and forth. Again, totally worth it for the convenience.
    Also splurged on the Fisher Price Jumparoo — not worth it. The much cheaper swings you hang from a door frame would have done just fine.

  3. THE ERGO CARRIER!!! i have to admit, i was lucky enough to have gotten this as a gift, but…if i hadn’t, i would’ve bought it in a heartbeat! i use it every…single…day. my son, who’s 10 months old, would hang out in there all day if it was up to him. it’s really comfortable…for the both of us! he sleeps in it (and it has a little head cover to keep it a little dark in there), nurses in it, and just hangs out in it. we have the organic one which is even a little pricier, but it’s a bit softer than the others, and considering how much time he spends in it, i like knowing that it’s organic fabric he’s nestled into.

    we also bought two baby wraps…i thought i was being excessive at first, but when our son was an infant, it was really great for my husband and i to each have one…they pretty much became part of our outfits!

  4. VeggieMomma says

    I splurged on an organic wool/latex/cotton mattress and wool/cotton mattress pad. I also bought a wool mattress pad for my own bed and I just bought an eco-mattress (Keesta) for our bed since we mostly co-sleep. I used a second hand crib that I got for free to make up for the cost difference and also used sheets that I bought for my first born 6 years ago. I would love to splurge next on some soft organic bamboo crib sheets. Definitely well worth it!

  5. that’s great–strollers are so necessary, you need a good one, and mcclarens are rarely on craigslist for a good price

  6. My Uppa Baby Vista stroller (aka my SUV). I am car less by choice and this gets my little man, groceries, library books and everything else around on frost heaved sidewalks rain or shine. The basinette also served as his travel bed.

  7. To repeat what a previous commenter said– the ERGO CARRIER! At about $100, it is s-o-o- worth it. It is by far the best carrier– and I have tried a few. Not to mention, when I get ready to sell it, it has an awesome resale value on places like ebay.

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