exhausted mothers and green challengesHaving  our first child was a completely humbling experience.  My husband and I, two normally competent people, found ourselves up to our elbows in parenthood and more exhausted than we ever knew we could be.  Now with our second we know it’s possible to be even more bedraggled and groggy.

It’s so hard to manage a newborn and an almost three year old!  Our little one needs to be held ninety percent of the time while our older son is struggling for attention and challenging his limits.  In the midst of this happy/crazy drama, cloth diapers need to be washed, the compost needs to go out and the garden has to be watered.

We have a ridiculous amount of support.  My husband is home with me this summer and my son still goes to daycare since we have already paid for it through September.  Yet even with all this help, I can’t believe how tired we are!  How do some of you manage to single handedly manage a green lifestyle and caring for multiple children?  How did people do it years ago when their spouses didn’t help?  How do single parents do it?  Once again, I find myself smack in the middle of a fresh batch of humility.  Kudos to all of you who don’t get applause for the heroic feats you manage on a daily basis!