Biokleen Laundry Detergent Update

Breaking news: one year and three months after writing this cost-comparison of eco-friendly laundry detergents, I’m still using my Biokleen laundry detergent. I think I got my money’s worth out of that old ten-pound box. In that post, I discovered that Biokleen was actually cheaper than even conventional cheap detergent, especially with a high-efficiency machine.


 My child’s diaper days are now behind me, but I used the Biokleen powder on both pocket diapers and prefold diapers and never had a problem with residues or detergent build-up. (Read Joy’s post about diaper-friendly detergents here.) I also like the detergent for all of our other clothes. My only complaint is that the powder didn’t dissolve completely if I put it in the detergent compartment of my front-loading machine. I took care of that problem by putting the powder straight in the machine over my laundry.

I just noticed that the Biokleen is on sale for just $11.00 (that’s less than $.07 a load!) at Fred Meyer’s right now, so I may just have to pick up two more boxes, which will last me more than two-and-a-half years. At that point I will have to report back with yet another exciting “laundry update.” Stay tuned!


  1. I use the liquid Biokleen. I chose that because I had trouble with other powdered brands not dissolving in cold water. I almost always use cold setting on the washer. How does the Biokleen powder do in cold water?

    The liquid comes in a recycleable plastic 2-qt bottle. That gives you 64 loads. So far, that is the highest-concentrated liquid I have seen. You only use about an ounce per load. I wonder how that compares with the powder? I think the powder comes in a recycleable cardboard box, which would be better.

  2. Gina, if you read my original review you’ll see why I switched from liquid to powder. Once I started putting the powder directly on my laundry instead of in the little detergent compartment, I had no problem with it dissolving in cold water. I had to use liquid detergent with my old washer, though, because the machine didn’t work that well and my clothes ended up with detergent and lint streaks on them.

    The powdered laundry detergent is much more concentrated than the liquid. The ten-pound box gives you 100 loads with a top-loader and 160 loads with a front-loader!

  3. Okay, thanks! I read your original post, but I read it when it originally came out 1.25 years ago, so I guess I didn’t retain it all. My top-load washer definitely does better with the liquid stuff. When I replace the washer I’ll definitely get a front-loader. The washer is only about 40 years old, though, so I want to get some more life out of it.

  4. if you order bio clean from azure standards, an awesome company that sells organic foods and all kinds of other neat stuff. A 5 lbs box is $9.00 and a 50lb box is $61.50, they are on sale this month and next.

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