Garage Sale Shopping for Baby Clothes

Your family and friends may find it tacky to search tag sale tables for tiny outfits, but I personally think it’s budget-friendly, earth-friendly and a bit adventurous.   Plus it gives you the chance to meet people in your community and pick up a thrifty toy or two.

garage sale shopping for babyAt a recent garage sale, we scored four high quality shirts for my son all for fifty cents apiece—plus a Ralph Lauren down winter jacket for a few bucks. Since he’s nearly three, my son will most likely be able to wear those clothes all winter long, but my baby stays in her clothes for a matter of weeks.  Spending fifteen to twenty dollars on just one piece of infant clothing means that some parents pay five dollars or more per use.  Imagine how the expense (or the savings) adds up over the course of your child’s first few years!

Of course, some families do choose to spend more on green goods for baby. While buying eco-friendly clothing certainly helps you support businesses you can believe in, many people in this economy can’t afford to shell out a bit more money for bamboo cloth or organic cotton.  The good news is that  buying secondhand is a great environmental decision that will actually save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Why choose garage sales over thrift shops or consignment stores that also offer secondhand goods? Rummage sales are more work, but clothes are vastly cheaper when you buy directly from the previous owner.  Also, if you find the right sale you can purchase gear, clothes, toys and lots more all in one spot.  Then, you can often resell the goods for almost the same price at your own tag sale when you’re done using them.

Are you still a bit hesitant to head off into the garage sale sunset with your little one?  Fear not!  Our next post is dedicated to providing you with tips to make it easier.


  1. I am trying to embrace the garage sale shopping monster… but it’s hard.

    I’ve never been a fan of rummaging thru someone elses stuff – but it does make a lot of sense, MUCH less expensive than thrift stores and as you point out – you can often find a variety of baby/toddler items in one place.

    I’m also toying with making “new” clothing for kids from “used” adlut stuff (cute appliques out of dress shirts, dresses and yoga pants from t-shirts)and garage sales really make the best sense for this undertaking, that and asking all my friends to go thru their closets and share all the clothes they’ve been hanging on to since the 80’s! 🙂

    Now if I can only find the time to scour my neighborhood for bargains… paying a babysitter for a couple hours would not be the most cost effective way to fully take advantage of garage sale deals. LOL!

  2. Love shopping for baby items at garage sales. Great article!

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