Easy Garage Sale Shopping With Baby

Some people claim that garage sale shopping is just too labor intensive, especially with a tot in tow, but it can be easy if you do most of your work before you leave the house.  Check last week’s post for all the reasons that hitting yard sales is best for your pocketbook and the planet.

garage sale for kidsThink Big. Since shopping with a little one is tough, focus on large events such as multi-family, church, or charity garage sales. They’ll save you driving time and help you see a larger selection all at once.  If you can’t find a big sale, try to find several small sales in one area, looking specifically for those that feature children’s clothing. We often opt for areas of town that are known to be wealthy since those sales usually have good quality merchandise and the owners are willing to part with it for less. Print out Mapquest directions ahead of time instead of trying to follow random cardboard signs and make sure you have small bills and change as you head out the door.

Plan ahead. Although you may have the perfect set of sales and all your directions in hand, if your baby isn’t happy the experience will be somewhere between bad and horrid.  Make sure to get out the door early in the morning before naptime with plenty of snacks on hand.  Also, since garage sales often feature incredibly cheap toys, you can give your older child a dollar or two and let him or her manage their money and find the best bargain.  It’s a great incentive for a toddler to keep it together while you breeze through a handful of sales.

Have you hit any incredible sales this summer?  Do you have any epic scores to share with us?  Do tell!


  1. I love when I attend Garage sales and they are kid friendly. When I have a garage sale I set up a kid area. I meant to write about this over the summer but forgot but maybe I’ll do it now anyhow.

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