The Saturday Question: Best Green Baby Shower Gifts?

We’ve written a bit about baby showers on the Green Baby Guide, including two articles about book baby showers. When you get a baby shower invitation, do you have a go-to baby gift? Or if you’ve been the lucky recipient of baby gifts, which ones did you find the most useful? Any green gift ideas we haven’t thought of?



  1. I always make a breastfeeding support basket with things that would be nice to have within arm’s reach while breastfeeding: lanolin, the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, cloth nursing pads, pad of paper and a pen, juice, and a snack.

  2. Love the breastfeeding support basket! I also like to give friends a mix match of products that will help mom and baby throughout the first year. Recently, one of our best friends had a baby (and prior to that a shower of course). Here is what we included in our basket:

    – 2 Styles of Cloth Diapers (Happy Heiny One Size and Mother Ease One Size)
    – Organic Cotton Breast Pads
    – Natural Nipple Butter
    – Organic Cotton Wash Cloths
    – Hemp Bum Wipes and Wipe Solution/Spray
    – 1 Small Glass Bottle (for dad to eventually do feedings)
    – Peppa Bonding Doll (one of my best selling gift items)
    – Dimpleskins Avocado Soap & Bumbum Balm
    – Gaia Skins Naturals Bath & Body Wash
    – 1 Wooden Rattle or Clutching Toy

  3. I make a faux taggie blanket that looks nice but is actually quite simple.

    JoAnne’s has fabric in the baby section that is a collection of blocks already serged together so you have a variety of co-ordinating fabrics of different textures ready to go. The usually have it in several colors. It’s a little on the expensive side so I tend to buy several yards when I get a coupon. I then collect spools of different ribbons as they go on sale.

    The sewing is very quick and I only use about a half a yard at a time to make a double sided blanket.

    I made one for both of my children when they were tiny and it works really well as a car toy. It’s big enough that they don’t tend to drop it and even very clumsy, early movements can get some part of the blanket in their mouths to chew on and explore. And, it also acts as a lovely carseat blanket/burp rag.

    It makes a nice, re-usable, non-plastic, handmade gift.

    This isn’t green, per se, but, I also like to put together a kit of all the medicines it’s so handy to have like tylenol, motrin, hylands teething tablets, a little ice pack, vicks baby rub, etc since those are the sort of things 1st time moms don’t tend to have on hand and second time moms have probably run out of.

  4. I’ve only done this once, but it was the best-received gift I’ve given. I made a “first night home” package with a sleeper for baby, a bedtime story book, and a sleeping-style nursing bra for mom with reusable nursing pads. (Those last two were what I desperately wished I had my first night home as I was leaking all over the place.)

  5. I think the breastfeeding basket is a wonderful idea!!

    I haven’t given a green baby gift, but I believe I’ll start giving out one size cloth diapers…I used to buy disposables for shower gifts! No more.

  6. I have an idea to give the organic baby clothing in a basket gift.
    The organic baby clothing are made of all-natural materials.

  7. If I am going to a shower for a close friend or family member, I will give them an Ergo baby carrier. This is by far the best product for baby that I have. LOVE IT! There are organic options, too. Its a little on the expensive side, so when I don’t plan to spend that much, I like to buy homemade gifts from, like a playmat, which is SO much cuter than commercial products. And I will forever include a mesh baby safe feeder – my son loves his!

  8. An acquaintance of a friend of mine started a company, Cybele Baby, in Seattle making organic hats and blanket/hat sets. I like to give my business to this young upstart woman who makes all of her products by hand. For the close friends, I splurge on the blanket/hat set. For the casual acquaintance, I buy a cute little bear ear hat. I’ve never had a complaint. I get them at

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