The Saturday Question: How Do You Feel About Co-Sleeping?

cosleeping-with babyFrom an environmental perspective co-sleeping has clear benefits since it eliminates the need for a crib or bassinet, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  Have you welcomed baby into your bed or opted to tuck your bambino into a separate sleeping spot? What are the advantages of your sleeping arrangement?


  1. turtlebella says

    We co-slept exclusively for the first 8 months or so. Now Thalia (11 months) sleeps part of the time in her own bed. About halfway through the night she wakes up and comes in our bed.

    Main reason/advantage for us: we ALL get more sleep.

  2. We co-slept until my daughter was 6 months old. At that time, we no longer felt safe with her in our bed because she was rolling around so much, and she started playing at 2 in the morning (a habit she still has now at 2 years old… she has to sleep in a room by herself or she’ll wake up whoever is in the room with her and want to play). It definitely worked for us, and if I had felt safe about it, we would have co-slept longer. It made it a lot easier to nurse… and I got plenty of sleep! Her little sister is coming in about 6 weeks, and she will be co-sleeping until we want our bed back.

  3. I really made an effort to put my newborn in the (borrowed!) bassinet to sleep in. It was right next to my bed. Occasionally I woke nurse her in the middle of the night and fall asleep. Then my husband would usually return her to the bassinet. I did not feel comfortable having her in our bed for the entire night. I know of a baby who got a broken arm by falling out of bed. You always here the stories of people roll over on top of babies. It just wasn’t for us!

  4. He used the Humanity Family Sleeper which is made out of Organic cotton, so it was eco-friendly and good for bed-sharing.

  5. I was so excited about the bedside co-sleeper I got when I was pregnant. Then I found myself with a noisy, yet easily-awakened, sleeper next to me. I absolutely could not get even a little bit of quality sleep. At 4 months, we finally moved him into a crib in the room immediately next to us, and Baby and I both started sleeping much better.

    It’s more work to get up and nurse him at night, though. And I sometimes still wish we could snuggle up together during the night. But the sleep was worth it.

    I still think co-sleeping (with safety measures taken) is wonderful. I definitely plan to at least start out with co-sleeping with my next child, and hopefully it’ll work out longer for us.

  6. We co-slept with both our kids. With our first, we never imagined he’d sleep anywhere other than his crib, so we had to figure out how to baby proof a queen-sized bed pretty quickly. With our second, that’s been the plan from the beginning, and it has worked pretty well for the past 11 months.

    But I’m not sure it eliminates the need for a crib. Our daughter still naps in her crib, and I use it when I need to put her down for a few minutes and take care of something. Then again, we had the crib – maybe if we’d never had one, I’d have figured out something else.

  7. Our little one slept next to our bed in the Pack N Play when he was first born. I never co-slept. I remember the first week or so of his life, I’d wake up hugging my pillow, freaking out that I was holding the baby and smothering him! Hubby said he had the same feeling more than once. Weird, huh?

    Anyway, we moved our son to the nursery at around 12 weeks. He occasionally naps in his PNP, just to keep him used to napping in different places for when we go out. I’m glad we did it the way we did, but I’ll admit…I can’t wait til he’s big enough for me to feel comfortable napping with him. =) Cuddles!

  8. We intended to start out with our daughter in her pack & play next to the bed. The first night, however, she used me as a human pacifier all night and slept in our bed. For the first 4 months she slept in the PNP next to the bed. Once she was too heavy for the bassinet portion of the PNP, we moved her to her crib, but she always ended up in our bed for at least a portion of the night. From 4 months until about a year, she slept some portion of the night, anywhere from a couple hours in the early morning until we got up for the day to from when I went to bed (around 10 or 11) until morning. Once she could really move around and crawl really well, she no longer slept in bed with us, and now at 17 months, I wish she could still cuddle, but she is a wild sleeper and wants no part of sleeping with us. So sad, because although I had a constant backache from sleeping in the same position for 8 months, I so miss having my baby in bed with us and can’t wait until the next one for some more cuddling! I will probably do the same thing next time around. It made for much easier nursing and that closeness is just the best in the world!

  9. Thanks so much to all of you for your stories! We’re currently co-sleeping with our second child, but finding that she’s far different than her brother. I have to hold her nestled in the crook of my arm for her to sleep which makes it awkward and uncomfortable at times. We’ve tried to transfer her to my husband at night but it hasn’t worked yet. She also uses me as a pacifier so the quality of my sleep is sorely lacking. But since she doesn’t seem to ever sleep well by herself, it’s tough to know if better sleep is going to happen anytime soon. With my son, we transfered him to his crib at five months and it took awhile (and some crying it out) before he could sleep there comfortably on his own. I have really enjoyed the sleeping time with both of them but also recognize that there comes a point (for me, at least) when we all sleep better in different beds. Maybe that point will come soon!

  10. My son is 2 1/2 and still sleeps with hubby and I at night, even though he naps in his own bed during the day. We’re due to have another baby in a few weeks. Not exactly sure how we’ll have four sets of legs in the bed. But we’ll do it if it works for us. It has worked well for all of us this far. Contrary to what we feared; that our son would be clingy and dependent if he co-slept with us, he is bright, very independent and more confident than most children his age. I am bias (of course!!) but I believe the combo of his natural personality and the attachment parenting style we adopeted have been major factors in his little self.
    I recommend everyone giving it a try, it may or may not work for you, but it’s worth trying if you and your spouse agree on it. For us, its such a short period of life that we’ll never get back. Surely we’ll have our children in thier own beds by the time they are in high school. Ha-ha!! (kidding, of course) Good Luck!

  11. allisonsamber says

    How do I feel about Co-sleeping? I LOVE it. It feels so natural and loving. However, we never thought we would co-sleep. Cecily has a perfectly adorable nursery… where she has never slept these 11 months! She started out in a bassinet by our bed, but she soon preferred to stay in the warm cozy bed after nursing. We stumbled into attachment parenting because we were very committed to breastfeeding. It has been the case, in our experience, that very successful “extended” and “on demand” breastfeeding is best achieved and supported by the attachment parenting lifestyle. There are nights where I don’t sleep as soundly as others. Amazingly, I am keenly aware of Cecily during the night but I almost always feel well rested.* Now, to be fair I am a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t force schedules… so most “nights” we are in bed for approximately 10 hours with intermittent feeding at predictable hours… so, it’s really no wonder I feel well rested most days! I can adjust feedings when we have something to do in the morning, but I’d love to hear from moms with similar parenting about what happens with subsequent children. Currently, at 11 months, we will all go to bed with Cecily nursing between 10 and 11 pm, then 12 or 1 am, then again around 4 or 5 am, and again around 9 and/or 10 am, and she will finish nursing by smiling and laughing herself awake – ready to play! It works well for us and we love it, despite all the disaproval and unsolicited advise from well meaning family and friends!

    *I’ve read that a prestigious Ivy League university has conducted concluding that mothers and babies who co-sleep end up on similar sleep cycles.

  12. We had my daughter in our bed for the first few weeks of her life, with little sleep on my part because I was so petrified of her face getting covered with a pillow or blanket. Then my mother bought us a cosleeper that fit between our pillows and it was so much better! I could sleep without fear. We had a lovely crib in our room (we live in a one bedroom apartment) that we finally transitioned her into when I could dump her into the cosleeper and she’d go right out. I slept with my hand on her through the slats for a week or two and now at 7 months she sleeps in her crib like a champ. Sometimes I bring her into bed with me for her middle-of-the-night feeding, but neither of us sleep well and I generally wake long enough to put her back in her crib. I think she’s gotten used to sleeping on her own and is easily disturbed by my or my husband’s movements in bed.

  13. I tried the bed co-sleeper but it didn’t work for me. My daughter slept in the bed with me for about 8 months and I loved it. She is a very restless sleeper so at that point we needed our own beds to feel rested. Now she falls asleep on my chest and then I put her in her crib. I love snuggling with her but we both need our sleep!

  14. We hadn’t planned on it, but ended up co-sleeping to facilitate nighttime nursing for the first 4 months. It was great for us and enabled me to nurse without having to wake up fully. After that, I went back to work full time at the same time the baby was starting to become more of a nighttime “thrasher”–tossing, turning, and kicking me in his sleep. I am a very light sleeper. I wasn’t getting much sleep at that point, so we transitioned him to his crib. It took a few tries to make that transition successfully and lots of crying. By 6 months he was sleeping in his crib every night, and just coming in our bed to nurse in the morning.

  15. When my son was a newborn, I was terrified of rolling over on him during the night, so he slept in a Pack’n’Play at the foot of our bed for the first 4 months. I think moving him to a crib in his own room was more traumatic for me than for him. Around 15 months he started sleeping in his own bed and then coming into our bed in the middle of the night–I have to admit, I encouraged the transition to a bed so I wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night, and I loved sleeping cuddled up with him once he was old enough to kick back if we started to smush him. 🙂

  16. I LOVE sharing sleep with my babies! We have done it consciously from birth with them both (Have no other bed alternative at all!) and I adore snuggling and smelling my baby at night – our 2nd son is 13 months atm.

    Our 4 year old starts the night in his own bed, currently in the corner, and may stay there or pop into our bed in the small hours when he gets up for a tinkle. I must confess I love the closeness, the re-connection that happens listening to them all sleeping around me, my three boys! (one being Dad!)

    They are little such a short time, I treasure and cherish every moment!


  17. I find it super convenient. We co sleep part of the night by accident. When we were pregnant we said that she would always be in her own bed. But as I tried to stay awake for the night time feeding those first couple nights. I found my self dozing off. I said the heck with this and brought her to the bed by night three.

    She is three months old now. She spends the first 4-6 hours in her bassinet and then when she wakes, I bring her to our bed.

    I never really worried about smothering her as I do not move at all when she is in the bed.(I guess subconsciously I know not to move.) She is always cradled in my arm.

    She seems to be the happiest in the morning, and I am able to get through the day without napping, and hubby doesn’t even notice her waking for feedings.

  18. We co-slept (uncomfortably!) with our baby for the first three months in a Snuggle Nest placed in the middle of our bed. It really was fantastic because I could take her out of it and nurse her whenever she started crying in the middle of the night, which was often! We knew it was time to move her to her crib when we started getting whacked in the head by flailing arms. 🙂

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