Bottom Balm for Moms and Babies Review

I’ve extolled the virtues of home remedies for diaper rash, but when we were gifted with a tub of Angel Baby Bottom Balm I thought I’d give it a whirl and report back.

natural diaper rash creamsBefore I ever cracked it open, I was impressed that the first two ingredients are olive oil (which we’ve recommended before as a homemade solution for diaper rash) and calendula oil.  It’s also loaded with essential oils, shea butter and jojoba.

The cream has a heavenly lavender smell, a smooth consistency and good coverage, which makes the diaper changing experience just a bit more pleasant. Located right here in my home state of Oregon, Earth Mama, Angel Baby Organics is a small company that specializes in natural products for mothers and infants.

I also love that the company makes Earth Mama Bottom Balm for recovering mothers. Since many of us had to deal with episiotomies, hemorrhoids and other delightful post partum injuries, it’s nice to know there’s a natural option.

But are either of these products worth the price? It depends on how much your little one is struggling with diaper rash or how much you need some soothing care after your labor.  It seems a bit pricey at ten bucks an ounce, but it may be worth it to you depending on your circumstances.

Have any of you tried natural diaper creams or creams for post partum moms?  What would you recommend?  Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. I was introduced to the LuSa products when my baby was just a couple weeks old. They have natural products for Mom and Baby. We use the Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice (a concentrate) for our baby with great success. The ingredients and pleasant scent sound very similar to the Angel Baby product. I’m assuming the products for Moms smell just as nice. We’ve found the Booty Balm for $7.

  2. I haven’t tried these myself, but an Austin, TX herbalist (local to me!) makes a postpartum perineal spray and sitz bath. I know a midwife who brews the sitz bath during labor so that it’s ready right away – she says it fills the house with a yummy scent. She also soaks maxi pads in it and freezes them to use as healing cold compresses.

    This link is to the whole Happy Mama Herbals line –

    My friends swear by her Milk Mama tea and I’ve loved all her other teas that I’ve tried.

  3. I got the earth mama nipple cream. I love it. I do not use much of it know except when I have chapped lips LOL! I will use it for anything really. I almost did not get it bc it is in such a small jar and some what pricey but a little goes an extremely long way!!! I still have a lot left–it looks likeI did not make a dent!

  4. I have used the Earth Mama bottom balm during pregnancy for hemorrhoids and LOVE it! It is so soothing and has helped me so much along the way. I am anxiously waiting to use it post partum (any day now!!!). The products are well worth the money.

    I have also used the Baby Body Wash which smells and feels delicious. It is so wonderful for babies 🙂

    They are one of very few companies (available to Canadians especially) that have most of their products rated 0 on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database!!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE EMAB bottom balm for baby and mom. It is expensive for just preventative use though, especially if your baby is not prone to rash. It lasts a long time so if you only use it when needed, the cost isn’t much. My babies haven’t had many issues with rashes, BUT the few times that they have, I was amazed at the results from using the baby bottom balm. When I was doing an elimination diet while BFing son #3, he got a horrible bleeding rash when I reintroduced dairy. EMAB healed it up completely in just a couple of days.
    I have used the mama bottom balm after the births of my last 3 babies. I took it to the hospital to use instead of their prep-H.
    Love it, love it, love it!

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