The Saturday Question: Do you Prefer Velcro or Snaps with Cloth Diapers?

cloth diaper with snapscloth diapers with velcroWe’re passionate about cloth diapering here at, but we haven’t taken an official stand on fasteners.  Some of our readers swear by Velcro for its ease and adjustability. Others declare their fervent love for snaps.  What have you found to be better for your tot?


  1. I LOVE my bum genius velcro diapers! They have already become worn though and I’ve only had them for a few months. I think snaps would have been a better overall investment.

  2. For me its velcro all the way – especially for late night changes. Also, they provide for more adjustability for different insert options as they are different sizes.

  3. We use Thirsties and Bum Genius, both with velcro. Velcro is easier to put on squirmy babies. Problem is, my almost-9-month-old loves to take them off. He can even pull them open through the cloth of his onesie. Now I’m wishing we had some snap closure diapers!

  4. Snap by far!!!

    My guys can’t figure them out and there’s now screaming of me when pulling out 18 diapers stuck together out of the wash lol

  5. I have loved our BumGenius velcro’s (I rarely dry them in the dryer). But I just got a few FuzziBunz one size (with snaps) and they seem to fit great, too. Time will tell which holds up better. I think snaps might be more durable and secure for toddlers.

  6. We are a snap family. I find that snaps hold up much better over time. Our velcro diapers have all curled and I am forever having to take lint out of them!

  7. I like velcro for newborns and older toddlers and snaps for the experimental undressing stage toddlers go through. I have both and love both for different reasons/times.

  8. I love snaps. The velcro ones I have seem to start fraying after a while. Also, the velcro never stays on the laundry tabs, it always detaches and sticks to my washing! And snaps seem to have a little more flexibility for bubs.

  9. SNAPS! I have both and I use velcro when they are babies just because thats what I have right now. BUT, snaps hold up much better and I agree that it is a pain to pull out a velcro mess from the washer at times.

  10. We use both. Velcro is only if our baby is wearing a onesie (and usually pants as well) over it. The little guy likes to take em off!

    I like the snaps, and my husband prefers velcro, so we just use whichever suits us.

  11. Velcro – even though my 8-month old is starting to grab at them. 🙂 I like the fact that the fit is not restricted by where the snaps are positioned.

  12. Definately velcro! I use Thirsties on my 13-month-old daughter and diapers with velcro closures fit better and are easier to fasten on a squirmy baby!

  13. I have both and really like both! My velcro have been wonderful because my babies have all been so tiny and snaps don’t always get as snug as the velcro. Snaps have been more durable over time and work well on my toddler. I guess it depends on the stage, age and size 🙂

  14. I have and like both. The velcro is much faster to put on, doesn’t require quite as much cooperation from a squirmy baby or toddler, and is preferred by daddy. I feel like I can get a snugger fit around the thighs and therefore have less leaking around the legs with my FuzziBunz snaps, and really appreciate that my toddler can’t get the snaps open. The velcro does seem to wear out faster than snaps. I’m glad I have both! 🙂

  15. While I like the speed of velcro, I have found that it doesn’t always hold up (thank goodness for warranties and good customer service). I am now solidly in the camp of favoring snaps. I don’t think I would ever buy velcro again.

  16. Velcro
    Pros: quick to do up (a big plus with a squirmy child), more adjustable
    Cons: wear out sooner, sometimes catches on clothes/carpet and comes undone when it shouldn’t, have to close tabs before throwing in diaper pail (I actually do find this simple step annoying, esp. when I have to shake out an insert first)

    Pros: Harder for toddlers to figure out/open, last longer, no need to fold tabs for laundry!
    Cons: less adjustable, make lots of noise in the dryer (I used to have a washer/dryer unit in a hall closet in the middle of my apartment that you could hear EVERYWHERE in my apt.)

    I just started using Kissaluvs Fitted diapers with my newborn and am loving the ease of the snaps and find them plenty adjustable. I’ve also liked the velcro on the BumGenius and Thirsties covers for my toddler, but the velcro is wearing out, and sometimes the velcro somehow gets stuck to his clothes or a rug while he’s moving around and his cover comes undone.

    Overall, I think I vote for snaps, except with a squirmer, when velcro is key to the super quick diaper change.

  17. I prefer putting on a velcro diaper, but the snaps do stay on better. The trouble is there are very few snap covers for prefolds. My husband strongly dislikes snaps, he also is bad at folding down the velcro for washing.

    As a note, BumGenius makes a free velcro replacement kit. For some reason theirs goes wonkey and curly so much faster than others.

  18. Snaps all the way! But, I’ve never tried velcro, mainly because I’ve been too scared because I want my diapers to last a long time. I’ve heard too many of my friends talk about the problems they’ve had with velcro. I’m a pretty thirfty gal, so the longer I can make a product go, the more willing I am to buy it, so we only buy one-size diapers with snaps (with the exception of a few sized I bought before I knew about OS.). 🙂

  19. I use prefolds and both snap and velcro covers. I have a bummis super whisper wrap with velcro and I dislike the velcro (the cover material is ideal) because it is hard and catches on clothes and spoils them. However, my plain old Prorap covers are 3 years old and still going strong, and their velcro closures are softer.

  20. NO VELCRO! After 8 mths all of my BMs are horrible. go snaps!

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