The Eco-friendly, Budget-friendly Postpartum Wardrobe

Some mothers leave the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans. For the rest of us, it can be depressing to return to our closets and find that we have to chose between maternity wear and clothes sized too small for our post-baby bellies.

thrifty post partum wardrobe for new momsMy sad little rotation of four outfits was giving me the post-baby body blues but I didn’t want to spend money on clothing that would only be used while I transition (hopefully) back to my old size. It also seemed like a waste to buy several new items to fit my temporary figure.

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and buy some better fitting duds at our local thrift shop, which was serendipitously having a half off sale on the day I took action.  I returned from an hour of shopping with twelve garments purchased for less than twenty dollars.  The clothes are beautiful and include such brand names as Calvin Klein, Gap and Dockers. Even after my body shifts, I think I’ll keep some of these pieces just because I have instantly fallen in love with them.

Have you had to deal with a transitional wardrobe?  What are your tips?


  1. Accessories. The clothes that always fit. I kept a nice rotation of cardigans, scarves etc. that made the same pair of jeans look different. I did the same thing when very pregnant and there was no point in buying more maternity clothes for another month

    I love the idea of thrift store shopping for post-partum clothes.

  2. After months of wearing the same pair of jeans and a rotation of two or three tee shirts, my mom told me she was sick of me looking like a slob. She made me go shopping with her and she bought me some new tops. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now when I have a few more choices. It did a lot for my self esteem.

  3. I failed at this miserably. I wore exercise and pj pants. I didn’t go out in public much, but I had a pair of non-maternity “fat” jeans that I would wear. My excuse was that it was winter.

    Next time, I hope to do better!

  4. Good topic! I wasted too much money on new transitional clothes last time around. I lost the weight pretty quickly so it seemed like I needed new clothes every week! Next time around, I’m going to wear lots of stretchy leggings, oversize tunics and focus on accessories to make me feel like a woman again!

  5. Tunic tops! I purchased some from a local thrift store and I love them more than all the tops I already owned. Tunic tops hide everything without looking slobby, and can be worn even after returning to my original size. I got all my transitional pants from a friend who no longer needed them for the same purpose.

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