My $1 Maternity Halloween Costume: “The 1980s Pregnant Lady”

I was six months pregnant on Halloween a few years ago. Of course my main concern was how will I find an eco-friendly maternity Halloween costume?! After considering dressing as a compost bin, a rain barrel, or a Hybrid car, I found the perfect thing at the dollar bin of my local secondhand maternity shop: a 1980s-style yellow maternity jumper. Because I’d dressed as “Eighties Girl” for the previous two or three years, I knew “Pregnant Eighties Lady” was just the costume for me.

maternity halloween costume

So figure-flattering!

The best part is, I still have this romper, which I use as a painting smock. Also, as soon as one-piece floral jumpers come back in style, I’m all set. I could probably gain up to a hundred pounds and still fit in it, so there’s really no reason why I shouldn’t hang on to it forever.

Stay tuned for more maternity Halloween costume ideas next week!

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  1. so glad styles have changed, lol!

  2. One of my friends, when 5 months pregnant at Halloween, wore a black turtleneck, black pants, some cat ears, and attached 6 bottle nipples to her sweater over her belly, going as a pregnant cat. I thought it was adorable! And the only “extra” she had to buy was the cat ears (which can of course be reused).

  3. That’s awesome! Cat idea is adorable.

    We did a three-part blog series on eco-friendly Halloween costumes for pregnant mammas, including a pretty cute video:


  4. That was the best costume ever!

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