How to Make a Television Set for Dolls out of Recycled Materials:

1. Find a little cardboard box.
2. Locate a picture of a television set from a magazine that will fit on one side of the box.
homemade doll television set from recycled materials
3. Cut it out and glue it on.
4. Accessorize! Glue little pictures of DVDs or remote controls to the sides. Cut out a picture of a plant, glue it on some cardboard, and stick it in a slot at the top.
5. Cut out a slot on the front. This is the DVD player. Cut out small pictures of DVDs. Your child can feed them into the slot and retrieve them by opening the box back up again.
6. Prepare yourself for hours of fun watching your dolls gaze at an old cardboard box.
DIY doll television set from a cardboard box