The Saturday Question: What are Your Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby?

Last year we had some DIY Halloween costume ideas. For Audrey’s first Halloween, I dressed her in $2 pajamas and a homemade hat and called her a pumpkin. My sister-in-law carved holes in the side of an actual pumpkin and plopped her baby inside. (Now there’s a Halloween costume that’s actual compostable!) What are your quick, easy, eco-friendly do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas?
baby with organic pumpkins


  1. I’m getting there, but not quite that green yet. I do remember in Jr. High, one of my teachers wore baggy brown thrift store finds and paper clipped a bag of potato chips to her shirt and called herself a chipmunk. I always thought that was pretty clever of her.


    We are giving away a 100% cotton costume for baby (age o-6 months) on our blog and have tins of ecofabulous ideas for baby costumes (as well as a few for expectant mammas.

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