How to Make a Paper Jack-o-Lantern

 Step 1: Fold a piece of orange paper in half. Draw half of a pumpkin on the paper if you don’t want to cut it out freehand.

paper pumpkin2

Step 2: Cut out the pumpkin, the mouth, and the nose.

paper pumpkin3

Step 3: Fold the pumpkin in half again for the eye. Draw on half of a triangle and cut it out.

paper pumpkin4

It will look like this when you unfold it partway:

paper pumpkin5

And then it will look like this when you unfold it all the way:

paper pumpkin6

Here’s a goofy variation once you’ve mastered the basic jack-o-lantern. Go wild!

paper pumpkin7

This post is a part of Works for Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family. It’s another themed edition featuring cleaning tips this week. As usual, I am not on the ball with these themes!


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