The Saturday Question: What are Your Green Ideas for Fall?

In the summer we like to obsess about hanging laundry in the sunshine, in the winter we brainstorm ways to save on heating bills and conserve those fossil fuels. Well, what should we obsess about this fall? I’m going to figure out how to compost the leaves I rake up and prepare my garden beds for the winter. I’m also planning on figuring out how to can tomatoes as my tomato harvest comes in. Any more ideas for saving the planet this season?

composting fall leaves


  1. I would love to hear how you plan on preparing your garden. I am somewhat garden challenged and I have no idea what to do with it in the winter. Do you cover it, do you mulch it, do you just leave it?

    Also, in the fall you can start making bean sprouts. Just buy a few, place them in a mason jar and let them grow. My kids love to watch it and it makes a great/healthy topping for a salad (or snack). I also like to puree my pumpkins once halloween is over. Instead of throwing them in the compost bin, we just cut them in half and cook them down, puree them, and freeze them by the cup. It’s great for pumpkin pies or pumpkin soup!

  2. Great tip Kara. I just found these great reusable snack can put the bean sprouts in them. You can actually win them with some over cool eco products, check it out here –

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  4. Kara, I think I’ll write a whole post about preparing my garden beds for winter. But the short answer is that I plan to pull out the plants, add a little compost, then mulch with leaves. I’ll do a little research and come up with more detailed instructions in a future post–so stay tuned!

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