Thrift Shopping for Mom

I wasn’t always such an ardent fan—but motherhood helped me discover the thrill of the thrift-shop hunt.second-hand-clothes for mom

My first venture into buying secondhand duds for myself involved maternity clothes.  After all, it’s not worth investing hundreds of dollars in a wardrobe that lasts just a few months.  Then I thrift-shopped for a transition wardrobe while I’m working on getting back to my old size. But since I’ve found a fabulous secondhand shop that gets all of the stylish college students’ donations, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to buying new.

Shopping for chunky jewelry, flouncy skirts and fashionable jeans is ever so much fun when the total rings up at around twenty five bucks for a bagful of beautiful clothes.  Plus, I’m willing to take fashion risks when buying used that I’m too practical to pay for new.

Do you share my addiction?  Have you ever done clothing swaps with other mothers to refresh your wardrobe?  Are you open to getting secondhand clothes for your kids?


  1. I haven’t bought second-hand for myself, but I believe that’s the only way to go for children! Especially little babies that grow so quickly- what’s the point of buying new? They only wear outfits a handful of times at best, the children don’t know the difference, and once they wear it, it’s used anyway! So, I save mega bucks by shopping in consignment shops and on Ebay. As far as maternity clothes go, I buy on the cheap. My local Hudson’s (a huge salvage store in the South) recently had a whole Fall season of new Gap Maternity for $3.99/each- no matter if it was a t-shirt, or jeans, or a nice jacket! I also borrow maternity clothes from friends who’ve had babies and promise to return the clothes as soon as I outgrow them and return the favor when they have their next baby. When you have a baby there is so much stuff you have to buy anyway, so be smart and save bucks by being green with the things you can!

  2. two days ago I was heading to the local strip mall to grocery shop and LO and BEHOLD! the Salvation Army was having a half off sale!! Let me tell you!

    I first got into second hand shopping by going to big for profit consignment sales looking for baby clothes. Soon I realized I save more money and find nice clothes at Value Village and Goodwill. When I went back to work and had no appropriate clothes and NO money, I found a few things to get me by. But now, I am ADDICTED to the treasure hunt! The thing I’ve found is you have to be choosy and there are usually only a few nice things at any one store. but I have found some real treasures here and there. Frankly second hand shopping I can buy brands I would never be able to afford if I bought them new. I doubt I will go back to retail ever again.

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