Make Your Own Compostable Diaper–Out of a Pumpkin!

It was my sister-in-law who came up with the idea: Why spend all that money on disposable diapers that just end up breaking down in a landfill for the next 500 years? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use nature’s bounty to diaper our babies? This fall is the perfect time to start carving your own diapers out of pumpkins. Simply choose an appropriately-sized pumpkin, carve out the top, scoop out the seeds, and cut out two leg holes. This DIY diaper requires no sewing.

Check out my niece sporting her all-natural homemade diaper:
baby wearing a compostable pumpkin diaper

While gDiapers claim to be compostable, they still contain SAP–a petroleum product that doesn’t really break down. A pumpkin may not have the wicking and absorbing powers of an ordinary diaper, but it is 100% natural and biodegradable!  No other diapers can compete with that.

Babies in pumpkins work for me. For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas, head on over to We are THAT Family.


  1. Too cute! I don’t know if I could get my 2 yo into a pumpkin but I know my 8 yo would love it. 🙂

  2. It may not be absorbent, but it sure is cute!

  3. My three year old son and I were giggling hysterically for quite awhile after seeing this picture. What a great Halloween prank for cloth diaper fanatics like us!

  4. Ha! Your niece looks like she’s pretty happy with her diapers.

  5. Is this a new night time solution?

  6. Ali, pumpkin diapers are not recommended for nighttime use. Or indoor use.

  7. Please advise your readers that these pumpkins should not be recycled as Jack O’Lanterns.

  8. I really don’t see why not, Mark.

  9. I guess it’s also like a paper weight for your baby (a baby weight). The diaper is so heavy she’s pinned down to the spot!

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