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We live in the age of the consumer and I’m staggered by the amount of baby paraphernalia on the market. What do I need? What is excess? Changing tables, breast pumps, reusable diapers, disposable diapers….decisions, decisions, decisions.I haven’t delved too far into this abyss, but I hope take a practical approach to baby shopping based on a mix of real need, environmentally friendly products and value for money rather than whimsical “that is so cute my baby must have it” urges. I believe this is a reasonable approach but have now contradicted my practical mantra and decided that I really want to buy a Bugaboo Cameleon stroller/pram.

Lightweight, compact, suitable from birth and with a fancy-schmancy steering system appropriate for country and city terrain, it ticked lots of my boxes. I’m active; even though I’m having a winter baby, I want to get out of the house as much as I can and walk with baby. We live in an urban environment but I love countryside walks at National Trust properties. Our house is small and doesn’t have the space for a big stroller. And if we’re going to splurge in one area, I was all in favor of doing so on our stroller.
save money on bugaboo_cameleon on ebay

The Cameleon’s price tag of around £700, well over £800 with the car seat etc. gave “splurge” a whole new meaning. Now I see why they are popular with celebrities—they can afford them. But how could we, two hard working young professionals preparing for the costs of a new baby justify paying that much money for a stroller in light of everything else we need to get/do to our house/etc., etc., etc. We just can’t.

It’s then that Chris, also taken with the Cameleon, suggested that we take a spin on ebay for used Bugaboos. I balked at first, but then started to consider the benefits. Buying on ebay would significantly reduce the price tag of an item that, like a new car, majorly devalues once it hits the road. Those that bought them in the first place were likely to have cared for them, but the wear and tear on any stroller we might “win” could be reviewed in person before finalizing the deal and exchanging funds.

Obviously we’d buy a new car seat for safety reasons and would have the option of replacing wheels, bearings, etc. if needed. Notably, buying a used stroller is another form of renewing, reusing and recycling, a green approach often forgotten in the whirlwind of baby buying. While I believe you should examine your chosen stroller in person before making a final purchase, online research and ebay bidding saves numerous trips in the car to Baby’s R Us and the like. I’ve seen a number of two-year-old Bugaboos on ebay that look in mint condition—why should they go to waste? Plus, if I bought my wedding dress on ebay, what should stop me from shopping for a stroller there?!

As my mom points out, the baby doesn’t care what it rides in and I spent the whole of my babyhood in a simple, cheap umbrella stroller. Is having a Bugaboo and its many functions really worth it? That’s something we’ll need to weigh up, but as we do, the ebay route makes our debate viable while also being a bit greener.

Have you been able to justify some splurges with the help of ebay? We want to know all about the steals you’ve found!


  1. I splurged on a stroller (an Uppa Baby Vista, similar to but better than the Bugaboo) and have not regretted it. I never though of E-bay, but this was the one piece of baby gear I wanted new because as my primary vehicle (my SUV) it is going to get a lot of wear over multiple children.

  2. Such a great idea! I never thought ebay for a stroller. Thinking the shipping would be killer! I love ebay and sell and buy on there! I also spent a lot on a Peg Perego stroller and was not impressed!
    But I do buy some kids clothes on ebay. I have to say they are usually NWT but hey I am saving gas driving to the store. I have bought Ralph Lauren clothing for my kids on ebay so that was definitely a good buy! NWT and all!

    On my blog I just started a Tips For Going Green blog hop. Love for you to join in!

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ve loved everything that I’ve seen so far. Going to have to navigate around even more.

    Rachael West

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