The Saturday Question: Did Your Adjustable Diapers Work from Birth to Potty Training?

Both Joy and I have had the opportunity to try adjustable diapers—such as bumGenius, Happy Heinys, or the new Econobums—that claim to fit babies from birth to potty training. However, we didn’t have them all throughout our children’s diaper days. Did anyone have success using just one set of adjustable diapers from birth to potty training, or did you have to supplement with newborn diapers or extra-big diapers at either end of the diaper journey?


The Econobum Diaper Kit


  1. we had to supplement with newborn prefolds and proraps but our babe was less than 6 lbs. we did end up being able to use the bg 3.0’s when she was around 8 lbs. though they were huge! glad to say there were no leaks, though. =)

  2. We wound up using newborn diapers until Megan hit about 13 pounds. We actually had 2-3 weeks between the kissaluvs and bum genius where she didn’t really fit either. the bum genius worked in a pinch but they weren’t the most reliable and were difficult to get a snug fit.

  3. That’s a great question. And one I’ve been pondering a while. I’m due with
    twins any day now, and we’re committed to cloth. We bought a large supply if BumGenius 3.0 but doubt these babes will be 8 lbs each at birth. We looked at the BumGenius bamboo XS for the early months. With twins the break-even cost over disposables is pretty short timeframe.
    My other concern is my 2 year old nephew who is 39 inches tall, 40 lbs. And not really close to potty training. What’s the best plan with non-prefold cloth diapers if/when kids are bigger than 35 lbs and not ready for the potty?

  4. Jennifer,
    Good for you for choosing cloth with twins! We’ve heard from some of our readers that cloth diapering twins can actually be more convenient than using disposables since you aren’t having to shlep your little ones off to the store to pick up more diapers all the time.

    As for your nephew, he is quite a big guy! My son was over thirty pounds and was considered big for his age as a two year old. If you’re asking for a solution for your babies, my best advice is just to wait until you get there. For your nephew it may be nice to start trying some waterproof training pants such as the ones sold by Bumkins. The large size was HUGE on my son as a two year old so it seems they would fit your nephew with plenty of room to spare. It might inspire more interest in potty training and they’ll be helpful for months.

    Any other ideas Rebecca?

  5. I have some BG 3.0 that already are too tight on my 21 pound daughter. They actually come undone while she wears them, so I’ve retired them.

    The only other diaper I have that is one size are some Wonderoo’s, which I don’t think are being made anymore and they still fit around both kids (the other one is a 32 lb two and a half year old) but they are a little short for the older one. They were ridiculous on any kid younger than 4 months (and both of my kids were born hovering around nine pounds and gained quickly).

    Bottom line, I don’t really believe in one size. I even had pre-folds in two sizes (infant and premium) and right now I am debating buying the bigger toddler size since my son doesn’t look anywhere near interested in potty training.

  6. We’re using BumGenius all-in-ones with my 7-month-old daughter. But we didn’t start using them until she was around 4 months. We used disposables until then. The BG did fit her when she was born, but they were so bulky that most of her newborn clothes did not fit over them! We probably could have started using the BG sooner, but we had bought so many disposables (on sale) and wanted to finish them up.
    But now I’m worried that they may not last her until potty training. For some of them, we are already at the largest size.

  7. I know our BGs will not make it to potty training on my chunky 97th percentile son. We will see about the Fuzzy Bunz and Happy Heinies (I love cloth diaper names). We snapped them to the largest size around 20lb (the HH were the last to open) and the FB still have some room in the buttons. We use one size just at night and prefolds during the day since I like them better. Since there are really only three sizes and you need so few covers, it is economical.

  8. Jennifer-take a look at antsy pants for your nephew. They come in pretty big sizes. We also used Thirsties aios in large for my son at night. They were nice because they also had a pocket that I could add a hemp doubler. I also think Fuzzi Bunz makes an x-large size too but most diaper sites would have to special order it for you.

    I don’t think the BGs really work to 35lbs. My son was a very skinny 35 lbs and I could squeeze him into them but they weren’t really workable.

  9. My daughter has always been on the skinny side–probably about 20 lbs. when she potty trained. Just from looking at the bumGeniuses, though, I can tell they wouldn’t fit the bigger kids. Thirty-five pounds seems optimistic. The Happy Heinys appear bigger and stretchier, so they might be a better all-in-one choice if you think you’ll have a bigger baby. This requires an ability to look into the future!

    I agree with Joy that the Bumkins pull-up pants are HUGE. The mediums would probably fit the average kindergartner. I’ll bet the larges would fit ME (something to keep in mind–ha ha).

  10. My daughter was under 7 lbs at birth so everything was huge on her. We started on BumGenius at about 3 months and have loved them so far. She is only 21 lbs but we are already on the largest rise setting because she is so tall. I think she will potty train in the next 6 months so we should make it to potty training.

    I’m due with baby #2 in a few months and have been buying newborn fitteds and covers. I don’t want him to be in disposables as much as she was!

  11. Joy, the use of disposables does not require any late night runs to market. I have mine delivered monthly through Amazon subscribe and save. Using this concept as a deterrent to disposables is just as silly as if I said that disposables are more convenient than cloth diapering because you never have to do an emergency load of wash in the middle of the night. You can plan to have clean cloth diapers, and other people can plan to have enough disposables at home.

  12. Thanks for the info. I think we’ll end up with the XS bamboo bumgenius for the early months. It hadn’t occurred to me that though the BG 3.0 might fit the babies that their clothes might not fit over them. As for my giant nephew I’ll pass along the suggestions to my brother and cross my fingers my babies don’t get the size traits from that branch of the family tree. My brother is quite tall (6’4″) and so is his kid. My husband and I are both just about 5’6″ so here’s hoping the kids aren’t taller than we are by kindergarten.

  13. I didn’t start cloth diapering my son until he was a year old. I bought a BumGenius One Size and a Fuzzi Bunz One-Size to try out. I found that they were too short in the rise for him.

    I now use Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size in medium. If he doesn’t get too tall I don’t think we’ll need to buy a larger size. He has plenty of room to bulk up in the waist and legs since they are on the smallest settings right now.

    He is about 32 inches, 25 pounds at 18 months, which I think is right now track when it comes to height and weight for his age group.

  14. We have used the BumGenius 3.0 diapers with my son sin he was about 2 weeks old. It helped that he started out at 8 pounds, 15 ounces… We used Seventh Generation disposables for the 1st week, and then newborn Bummis Whisper wraps with small prefolds until his umbilical nub came off.

    Since then, we’ve used the BumGenius 3.0s as covers for pre-folds (double-layered for night time).

    Once Liam started walking (he waited until he was 15 months..), he decided that he was DONE with laying-down diaper changes. We battled for about a month before we switched to diaper changes standing up next to the potty. Since that transition, we’ve also switched from lining our BGs with pre-folds and instead use them with the pocket inserts. It just makes wiggly diaper changes that much quicker (we still double it with a pre-fold for night time).

    We’re hoping to start potty traning in the next few weeks. Liam is 19 months and weighs 25 pounds (25th percentile for weight – 80th percentile for height). The BG 3.0 still fit him great. Our only complaint is that the velcro has worn out. We’re expecting baby #2 in April and we plan to use the same diapering system (with replacement velcro…).

    Summary: one-size works for us!

  15. Rachel,
    I don’t even remotely claim to be an expert on diapering twins, but the information on cloth being more convenient actually came from a mother of multiples. It had never occurred to me that someone could find cloth to be more convenient but she pointed out that she likes not having to go out to get diapers with her twins (which wouldn’t be a problem if you’re having them shipped) and enjoys not having to haul out bags of dirty diapers to the garbage bin. I cannot claim any experience here but it was intriguing to me (and a bit inspiring) that it’s possible to diaper multiples with cloth and sort of enjoy it. Still, we here at Green Baby Guide try to offer loads of solutions without saying that any of them are the ones that have to work for you. My son wore disposables and night and cloth during the day so I certainly can’t claim to be the perfect cloth diaperer. Thanks for your comments!

  16. I just want to say cloth diapering twins is great, but not totally easy. It works best when the parents are on the same page and a system is set up. I have 22 month old twin boys and I am a part-time cloth and part-time disposable user. I have to say that having disposables overnight and for those days or weeks when everything is crazy or everyone is sick is worth having (no need to beat yourself up about it). You can be green and still not go crazy. I use the mothers-ease one size bamboo diapers and love them. They are soft and not as bulky as others. Haven’t gotten to potty training yet, but we did supplement the first 2 months because they were tiny (5 lbs. 10 oz. & 6 lbs 4 oz). We did have our diapers shipped to use and washed our cloth diapers at home and hung them to dry about every 2 days.

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