The Saturday Question: Have You Greened Halloween?

Happy Halloween from the Green Baby Guide! What are you doing to celebrate the holiday this year? Have you found any ways to keep the candy under control?* Are you sporting some wonderful DIY costumes made from common household items? How have you “greened” your Halloween?
The results of the pumpkin carving party we attended last weekend.

* I will admit to not even trying.


  1. Because my son was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant, we had to be creative this halloween. A friend gave me the idea of the “switch a roo witch”. After the kids are done trick or treating, they can pick out a small amount of candy from their bags. The rest of their candy is left out for the switch a roo witch who comes and trades their candy for a special present (a book or small toy). I thought this was a great idea for both of my kids this year and I have them all excited about the switch a roo witch this evening. I guess I better go get them their “surprise” now. Happy Halloween!

  2. We bought my daughter’s costume from a consignment shop but that’s about it.

  3. Like Alexa my son’s costume came from a consignment sale and that is about it.

  4. we used costumes from Halloweens past. Roasted the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins and handed out candy that we had gotten at trunk or treat. I didn’t spend a penny and the kids never noticed!

  5. I like the Switcheroo Witch idea. Being gluten intolerant myself, I think that’s a great way to let a kid have at the Halloween fun without feeling left out at the end.

  6. For trick-or-treaters, I gave out little toys–stretchy robots and glow-in-the-dark bouncing eyeballs–instead of candy and the kids were mostly pretty happy to see something different. I also have friends who gave out mini cans of Play-doh, stickers, and other toys instead of candy. At work we gave out bubbles and temporary tattoos to the kids who came through. (Most of these things can be purchased in bulk online for pretty cheap.)

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