Stocking Stuffers for Baby: Natural Teething Products

natural teething remediesHylands - Teething TabletsBeyond blankets and booties, parents always appreciate getting functional stocking stuffers for their babes—especially when those little ones are up at all hours of the night with aching gums.

My favorite teething remedy is Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets.  They dissolve quickly when placed on the tongue and provide immediate relief.  We stash a bottle of these in the medicine cabinet, the diaper bag, and in our travel bags to use while on the go.

Since so many mainstream teethers come with BPA, an ingredient of flexible plastic that has been linked to several illnesses, it’s wonderful to give baby a BPA free toy that they can gnaw on for hours.  The Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether is made entirely of silicone and has several textures for baby to experience while she chews.

41uiU23yoLL._SL500_AA280_Green Sprouts teethers are all BPA and PVC free and come at reasonable prices.  Some are water filled while others are made of cornstarch–but they all offer safe and comforting surfaces for aching gums.

Have you found any other teething remedies that work for you?  What are your favorite natural alternatives to mainstream plastic teethers?  In this vintage post I wrote about using cold celery and a polished agate for my little one!


  1. i’ll have to remember that for my new niece–thanks!

  2. i gave my cousin a wonderful teething toy i found on etsy–it was a felt carrot. her baby loved it, and i loved that it wasn’t plastic. felt seems like a really good choice. Here is the etsy seller’s shop, although I don’t see any carrots right now, just a pattern:

  3. The Hyland’s Homeopathic teething tablets are amazing! With 5 kids we have been through teething many times and nothing works as good as the tablets.

  4. Lindsay, Audrey still plays with that carrot, and she’s almost four! It’s a part of her toy food collection now–she uses it when she’s pretending to cook.

  5. I can’t remember if its Humphreys or Hylands teething tablets that worked for us. Sophie the giraffe is a great teether and we also had organic cotton veggies that were great for chewing on! My grandma told me to wet a washcloth on the end and freeze it and that seemed to work for a little while then turned messy! Teething is hard!

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