The Friday Question: Are you cutting back on your holiday budget?

simple homemade holiday giftsFor many people who are limiting holiday budgets there may be unexpected benefits.  Maybe we’re more focused on the meaning of the holidays than the commercialism—which is good for the planet and our pocketbooks.  Are you re-prioritizing for the holidays this year?  Are you making more homemade gifts or perhaps embracing a simpler Thanksgiving feast this year?  How has the recession affected your festivities?


  1. I know this is not a new idea, but I might make treats to give out as christmas presents this year – our family is outgrowing my holiday budget!

  2. I just wrote about our plans on my blog ( Just a way for the family to know and not be surprised !

  3. Save glass jars from condiments.
    Can give bath salts. I buy sea salt in bulk (with a cloth bag), lavender oil, and a few dried lavender petals. Just a few drops of lavender and sprinkle petals and that’s it! Collect jars in a pretty basket and hand out to friends or family – no packaging, no waste, inexpensive!

  4. I’ve decided to make as many homemade gifts as I can. We have 35 people on our Christmas list and I’m hoping to spend an average of $10/person…which still makes out for a pretty steep $350 Christmas budget.

    But, I have good news! We’re actually under budget at the moment, having only spent an average of $6/person!

    I’ve surprised myself by coming up with some really creative (and cheap) ideas! My latest thrill is making baby books and stuffies from eco-friendly felt! I’ve also made some fabulous felted slippers from a wool sweater I found at the thrift store. It’s amazing how creative you can get when you have no money!

  5. Yes and no. My kids are starting to want bigger ticket items, but I am now just getting them one present and other things under the tree will be pjs and things they need anyway. I think we are going to start down the Wii path this year which doesn’t sound very environmental, but when you consider that’s all my kids are getting, it’s a fairly small amount of raw materials and will help us to stay active through the winter months.

    For extended family we’ve really scaled down. The past few years we’ve all ended up giving each other homemade ornaments and talked about making it a tradition which I love. Small, personal, samples of my talented sisters’ handiwork and from my end, I can make really nice ornaments with minimal effort/expenditure. I will give those to teachers, etc. too. For neices and nephews I have an idea of something I want to make, but might be ambitious so those will probably be the only gifts I buy besides the wii.

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