The Friday Question: What are you (and baby) eating for Thanksgiving?

Tofurky as thanksgiving treatSome of you are opting for a free-range bird while others are looking forward to enjoying a slice of Tofurky.  Maybe you’re skipping any semblance of a turkey and are going for grass fed roast beef or veggie stir fry. And will your baby be dining on breast milk or pureed pumpkin?  (Or both?)


  1. No kids but we are having a chicken (couldn’t find organic turkey small enough), ham (nitrate free!), rolls, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (I’m deathly allergic to mushrooms so mine is made with homemade alfredo sauce, cheese and bacon), and chocolate cheese cake cupcakes.

    Everything is made from scratch by me. I spend 2-3 days cooking. 🙂 The meal is spent with my in-laws and husband, which means tons of leftovers!

  2. We’ll be having a slow-cooker pot roast made with local meat and local root veggies. Accompanied by Carrot Ginger soup made with local carrots and local ginger (really!). We’ll probably buy a pie from a locally owned natural foods store or bakery.

  3. I love turkey, so I’ll be making one of those. I’ll also be making a gluten-free butternut squash pie and a gluten-free stuffing. Baby, this year, will be GBG’s own Audrey, my niece. What will this vegetarian three-year-old decide to eat this year? Who knows?

  4. Last year we decided to have a Greek themed Thanksgiving and it was so great we are making it a tradition! Not only can most of the food be made ahead, but there is a lot less butter and cream involved. Not to mention all the many delicious vegetarian dishes that accompany the leg of lamb, which we cook on the bbq. Nothing is as good as the gravy with the juices from the resting lamb stirred in – it’s like adding homemade liquid smoke! Another thing we love about the Greek theme is the amount of raw vegetables it adds to the table. Finally, I can stuff my face and not feel sick and bloated afterwards.

    I get a few sideways glances at the mention of our Greek theme (perhaps due to our lack of Greek heritage) but since we seem to eat enough turkey at other holiday parties, it is a nice change of pace. Also, I can’t wait to cut into the pistachio-rose water baklava that is waiting on our counter. I’m not a pie eater, so it’s a great alternative!

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