Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby or Expectant Mother: Ergo Baby Carrier

Lately it seems like every other mom totes her tot around town in an Ergo Baby Carrier. Seeing all these other mamas with their Ergos made me wonder, what’s the big deal? My curiosity was also piqued by several comments on our baby carrier post. Ergo owners enthusiastically declared their loyalty to this comfy contraption.

But we loved our Kangaroo Korner pouch sling and even came to enjoy our preowned Baby Bjorn carrier after some technical difficulties. Why on earth would we buy another carrier?

ergo carrier is a great baby gift ideaWe didn’t, but we probably would have if we would have known with our first.  A friend urged us to borrow hers, but we were still hesitant.  It seemed difficult to strap on and like just another carrier to pack into our tiny house.  But when we used it, we were surprised by how much better it worked for our bodies.  When Jovi has been snoozing in it for over an hour, we aren’t struggling with aching shoulders or necks.  Plus, she can ride in the front or the back when she gets older.  Since her weight is centralized and the device has padded straps, we found it to be much more “ergonomically correct” –which may just be how this carrier got its name.

It’s amazingly easy to breastfeed your little one when she’s strapped into the Ergo. (I did it while waiting in line to get swine flu vaccine and none of the hundreds of other people around had any idea.) Other features we enjoyed are the little fabric flap that you can flip over babies head when she’s sleeping and the front pocket that you can use to store keys or pacifiers.

The strapping on is still a bit trickier than dropping baby into the pouch sling, but it’s worth it to me to have a happier body hours later.  If I would have known what I know now, we definitely would have purchased an Ergo for our first baby. They are expensive, but it’s a good investment in a piece of quality gear. And, you can always search Ebay if you have the time to hunt down a used one.

What is your favorite baby carrier?  Would you recommend the Ergo as a gift for an expectant mother?


  1. I have several carriers, but if I just had to pick one it would probably be the Ergo, we still put our 2 1/2 year old in it for longer hikes, it is so comfy. Since my 7 month old isn’t terribly heavy, I do like our unstructured Mei Tai, it is a lot less bulky than the Ergo, but for long distance comfort, especially with a bigger baby or toddler, nothing beats the Ergo. If it is your only carrier, you can get the infant insert. Its looks are dad friendly too. It is the most important, well used piece of baby equipment we have. Don’t be put off by the price tag, it is sooo worth it.

  2. I would tend to disagree – I’ve borrowed friends’ Ergo’s and I find it the most uncomfortable carrier I’ve used. I tried it with both my lightweight son and my line backer son on several occasions and never felt comfortable in it – it seemed to tug and pull on all the wrong spots – I even went back to a friend was like, “Show me again…am I doing it right b/c it feels so wrong” lol

    After wearing it for some time to “give it a chance” I was so sore – I never feel sore after wearing my boys in wraps/slings/mei tais…

    So I definitely wouldn’t recommend (or buy) for a friend.

    My favorite changes as my boys grow — when they’re itty bitty, I love my homemade wrap) — up to about 7 months or so — I can nurse just as discreetly in that as friends do in their ergos, and then right now, I wear my 25lb 15 month old in a sling on almost a daily basis…and my 2.5 y/o LOVES the Mei Tai (had hated any other carrier we’ve tried him in, lol — he’s all about go go go though!) but is only in that on very rare occasions. I’m starting to wear #2 in the mei tai more often, but we definitely prefer the sling for our wearing relationship.

  3. I liked my Ergo ok, but found that the body got too short when the baby was a bit older and liked to try to do back flips out of it. At this stage I switched to a BabyHawk Mei Tai and wore it until he was almost 3.

  4. I love the Ergo Baby Carrier and it is probably my favorite carrier; however, each person will have their own preference for different carriers. It really does depend on the person wearing baby and sometimes even how the baby feels in the carrier.
    Trying out different styles of carriers – Ergo, Beco, Mei Tai is a great idea before you make a purchase. Baby carriers are such a personal choice and as a pp mentioned, your preference for carriers may change as baby grows!

  5. You can wear them on your hips as well. It lasts until they are bigger as well. We love ours!!!

  6. I do love the Ergo; just got one for a friend’s baby shower this weekend. As mom to a big baby, we like the versatility of front/back.

  7. I LOVE the Ergo! I have used it from about 6 weeks and still use it at 15 months. It was the first baby carrier I had. I’ve tried using a Polkadot Papoose sling and hated it. I loved nursing L in the Ergo and love that it is organic.

  8. My 2 cents = we spent a lot of money and time on many different slings/carriers etc. for our 2 boys and the Ergo was the worst fit for myself and my husband.

    We’re both about 6 feet tall and not small people. On the front it was ok – but not great, on the back it was ridiculous, the poor kid was squashed against our wide backs like a flattend frog.

    We loved our Kangaroo Korner sling for baby #2 (my personal overall fav) and the Ellaroo side sling for #1 when he outgrew the Baby Bjorn Active… neither are willing to sit still long enough anymore for any sling or carrier (oldest is 3, youngeest 16 months and 30+ lbs), so we didn’t get as much use out of any of the ones we purchased as we’d hoped… but are able to share them with friends and hopefully resell them eventually for decent $$$.

  9. Funny thing…My husband got this for me for Christmas when my son was 7 months old. Now he is 2 1/2 and has a little sister. We still use it with both kids. My husband and I both really like the Ergo. it is easy to adjust for our different heights and waist sizes. We joke that it is my daughter’s “kryptonite” because its the only way we get her to sleep and it works like magic to steal her strength and knock her out!

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