Holiday Gifts from Baby

The smiles, the coos, the spit up… Let’s face it––babies give gifts year round.  Still, you might like to find a keepsake that baby could give grandparents or other family members this year.

So what does baby have to give?  At this point photos, handprints, or foot casts are the best they have to offer.31RGSN0VVDL._SL500_AA280_

If you’re a crafty soul, you can simply use an ink pad to make a print of baby’s foot or hand and frame it artfully next to a photo.  It’s simple, tasteful, and will be treasured by any member of baby’s vast fan club.

For the rest of us, there are kits available that will make up for what we lack in creative skill.  The Babyprints Keepsake Kit comes with a frame and a spot for baby’s footprint.  The kit claims to require no mixing, baking, painting, or mess.  It dries overnight and is ready to go in the morning.  And it’s currently 30% off!

If you’d like something a bit smaller, you can go for the Baby Handprint Hanging Keepsake Kit, which creates a small ornament for the Christmas tree out of baby’s handprint.

Has anyone experimented with using plaster of paris straight from a craft store for baby’s prints?  It would be vastly cheaper than buying a premade kit but I’m not sure how easy it would be.  Any other ideas for simple gifts from baby?

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