Make a Gift Basket for a New or Expecting Mother

What gifts are you going to bestow upon the new mother in your life this holiday season? My cousin wanted to put together a gift bag for her expecting sister-in-law. Because her sister-in-law planned to breast feed, my cousin chose a “nursing mother” theme. She was going to package everything in a cool eco-friendly diaper bag but ended up forgoing that idea. (Good thing, too, because her sister-in-law already had a couple!)
Lassig messenger eco-friendly diaper bag

Bonus: Put all the new mother’s gifts inside this beautiful Eco-friendly Lassig diaper bag!

Here’s what my cousin ended up putting together:

The New Mother’s Gift Basket

  • Wool nursing pads. (I reviewed them here in a vintage Green Baby Guide post!)
  • DVDs of 30 Rock. Hours of entertainment for those first few months of marathon nursing sessions!
  • Some fancy snacks. Did you know that nursing moms need 250-500 extra calories a day? Try handheld snacks like homemade cookies or muffins. Or check out Joy’s recipe for delicious, calorie-packed peanut butter balls!
  • A magazine subscription. Kiwi magazine focuses on eco-friendly parenting—our top magazine pick!
  • Mother’s Milk tea.
    organic mother's milk tea
  • A nursing tank. Both Joy and I preferred nursing tanks over nursing bras—they allow for a more discreet nursing experience by keeping that postpartum belly covered.

According to my cousin’s report, her sister-in-law loved this thoughtful gift. On Thursday we’ll have even more green ideas for a new mother.

This post is a part of Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by We are THAT Family. It’s the holiday gift edition, so head over there for more ideas!


  1. wool nursing pads ARE the best–i give them to all new moms.

  2. I have to say that Lansinoh Lanolin Nursing Cream is a MUST for those early days with painfully chaffed nipples. No one told me about this product until way after I needed it but moms have less trouble if they use it proactively in the first weeks of nursing.

    Also, I love fenugreek capsules for help with increasing milk supply. As a working mom I’ve struggled with milk supply both times and fenugreek has saved the day!

  3. What a great idea. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Mother’s Milk tea worked for me! Also agree that Lanolin was a life saver.

    Great blog!


  5. Another vote for lanolin!

    My mother gave me a glass nail file so that, after the baby fell asleep nursing, I could file his sharp little nails! It has a finer grain than an emery board and works really well on those nails too tiny to cut.

  6. Awesome! Good thing I saw this blog. I know what not to do and what to buy for my baby. Thanks for this!

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