Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Want to skip the fluorescent plastic and flashing lights in the trinkets you tuck into baby’s stocking?  Thankfully you have several eco-friendly options that will keep baby happily entertained without the planetary impact.Earth Brights Cherry Tree Rattle

Wooden Rattles. Sassy has a great line of Earth Brights toys which include the wooden Cherry Tree Rattle.  The combination of colorful fabrics and natural wood creates a nice contrast.  The natural wood crescent rattle by Green Sprouts is simple, affordable and attractive, while the natural wood hedgehog baby rattle by ImagiPlay is also a good pick for its simple design and easy function.

Sevi Dog Teething Ring RattleFabric Rattles.  Sevi has a playful line of plush dog, turtle, chicken, fish, and butterfly rattles that will keep you and baby entertained for hours.  Wonderworld has a variety of rattles, and small toys made from eco-friendly rubber, non-toxic paints and biodegradable fabrics.  Their designs are colorful, innovative and quite cute.

Metal Rattles. If you’d like to shower baby with a ridiculously expensive rattle that will probably be lost within the week, you can opt for the Sterling Silver Baby Teething Ring Rattle by Lunt.  It’ll run you $80.00 a pop, but it isn’t made of plastic.  Still, it’s probably best to buy one of the others and then donate the rest to an environmental charity!

Which rattle is your baby’s favorite?  We also have a post on natural teething products that  work great as stocking stuffers.  Can you recommend any other small eco-friendly gifts for baby this year?

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