Even More Gift Ideas for the New or Expecting Mother!

Here’s how you assemble a wonderful gift basket for a new mom. Still need ideas? Here are some more:

A Boppy pillow. Both of us managed to raise our babies with very limited baby gear—and we both had Bobby pillows. They make breastfeeding easier by propping the baby up to the right position, easing the strain on the back and arms. As baby grows older, you can use it to prop him in a sitting position.
baby sleeping on boppy nursing pillow
Note: You aren’t supposed to let your baby sleep on the Boppy! We kept our eye on her–just a week old!

Kindle. A Kindle—are we kidding? Well, a ways back we wrote this post, posing the question: Is a Kindle greener than regular old books? Sure, it saves trees and shipping fuel, but a wireless reading device uses batteries and may end up clogging a landfill one day. Still, we’d heard that it’s perfect for reading books while breastfeeding–turn the page with the click of a button! Avid readers who like to buy all their books instead of borrowing from the library claim to save money in the long run.

Is a Kindle greener than ordinary books?

Speaking of plain old books . . . We have a few to recommend for new moms. Of course there’s the Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Our own book doesn’t hit the shelves until March of 2010, but it is already available for pre-order! We also recommend HappyBaby by Dr. Robert Sears and Amy Marlow and Raising Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene.

A nice water bottle. Nursing mothers need to keep hydrated! Sigg water bottles come in several colorful designs, and they aren’t made out of plastic. Once they’ve reached the end of their useful life, they can be recycled. In addition, 1% of the proceeds go to environmental causes.

A breast pump and glass bottles. The expecting mother in your life may have registered for the breast pump of her choice. We like the Medela breast pumps. Please comment on other brands that you love!

If you have bought gifts for a new mother—or if you are a new mother yourself—let us know what your favorite gifts were!


  1. The kindle surprise me as well, but I guess it’s a great gift to new mothers because they save time… because this is where they will have to spend more time on their babies.

  2. I love making a basket full of homemade goodies.

    Included in the basket are:
    1. some homemade nursing pads. I get some double sided fleece and flannel, use a glass to cut out the shape and sew the flannel on the outsides with the fleece in the middle. Quick and very useful
    2. A homemade wrap. Get your fabric store coupon (I use Joann fabric’s 40% off coupon) and get 4 to 5 yards of jersey cotton. Cut it in half and you have two wraps. YOu don’t even have to sew the sides because it is cotton and just rolls up.
    3. Reusable Goodie bags. Use scraps of fabric, create a bag, add Velcro to the top and put lots of goodies in them. I usually make some granola.
    4. Burp cloth…read my blog for instructions
    5. And other baby crafts I feel like making.

    The water bottle is a must for this basket…

    Just some more ideas…

  3. OH and I forgot to add that you can very easily make a boppy cover. Just google it for instructions ;o)

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