Holiday gift ideas for baby: The Wearable Blanket

sleep sack keep babies warm day and nightBaby will probably be perfectly happy to receive a wooden spoon as a gift this year, but her parents will be thrilled to have this very useful piece of clothing.

Halo’s wearable blanket (also called a sleepsack) keeps a tossing baby warm all night long without the SIDs risk, and is also incredibly convenient for those 3am diaper changes in the dark. I can unzip this gown, prepare a pre-fold cloth diaper and change my baby all by the faint light of the hallway. The zipper zips up towards the top so there’s no need to get baby’s chubby thighs in and out of pant legs or fumble with snaps in the middle of the night.

Plus, if you’re trying to keep the heat down during the day, you can zip baby into his wearable blanket and know that he’s snug and comfy even if your thermostat is turned down to the mid sixties.

If you are crafty enough to actually make one of these, here are the online instructions. If not, you’ll be happy to know that they’re currently on sale on Amazon. They can’t keep your baby from waking up, but the fact that they help you switch out diapers without too much fuss is worth it!


  1. if you keep the house at 68″ to 70″ at night, what would you suggest the baby wear under a fleece halo wearable blanket? thanks!

  2. Anu, I’d probably just play it by ear. Put the baby in warm pajamas under the wearable blanket and see if the baby appears flushed or too hot when you check on her. Then reduce layers until you get the right combination. I would just be afraid of getting the baby too hot, as there is an increased SIDS risk with overheating.

    My daughter has always run really warm. While everyone is bundled in sweaters and scarves, she’s running around in a light summer dress–and we keep our house at 64 degrees in the daytime. We had a really cold, drafty house when she was a baby, and I think she was fine with just a thin cotton layer under her wearable blanket. (We had a fleece swaddling blanket.) Perhaps some other parents can chime in with their stories!

  3. Anu,
    The wearable blanket we use for our kids is a vest so we usually just put her in a long sleeved fleece shirt and then zip her into the wearable blanket without any pants. We keep her room at 70 degrees and she’s never had a problem with being too cold at night. You can also find the vest style wearable blankets in light cotton for the summer months and then just use them without an under layer on warm nights. We bought one that’s extremely large for our baby just because she can then use it for several months and grow into it. I hope that helps!

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