The Friday Question: Tips for a Winter Baby?

The day my daughter was born, it was cold and rainy. We felt trapped indoors for weeks—months!—because of the weather. (Of course, the fact that I was on crutches didn’t help.) If you had a winter baby, what did you do to avoid getting housebound? What are your tips for keeping warm and entertained with a newborn in the house?
winter baby in snow


  1. i wish i had some tips–things i did was join a mom’s group and attend meet-ups at other people’s homes. i would get stir crazy staying in my house all day. 🙂

  2. those are great ideas! sometimes the public library has a cozy spot for kids to play & moms to hang out. older babies can play with toys there or you can check out some toys or children’s music CDs to bring home. like cathy said, it’s just nice to get outside!

    my sister is doing baby swim lessons with her daughter (age 1) that they both love!

  3. My son was born last Dec. 20 (yep — almost one year old now!). The day we brought him home from the hospital, the wind chill was -11. SUCK.

    It was very difficult to get out with him those early weeks, since it was just so stinkin’ cold, and I was having a rough time adjusting to it all.

    I think it’s good to go to open-air spaces and wear your baby in a sling so that curious, germy strangers will keep their hands to themselves.

    Good luck to other moms of winter babies!

  4. Great ideas! My experience was similiar to Kacie’s. . .it was freezing in February and it didn’t help with my adjustment, either. I can remember quite a few days where I’d stay in pajamas all day and not exactly know what day of the week it was. . .

    I love the idea of putting baby in a sling to keep germy strangers (or relatives!) away during those few early weeks. Even getting out to the mall for an hour or so really brightens your mood.

  5. We started going out when my son was four days old (February, in the Northeast). Grocery store, the neighborhood pub for lunch, anything to get out of the house every day for some sort of walk. He was in the pram with blankets. If it was very windy out or very cold, we put the rain cover on to make a little greenhouse. This year he loves it in his cocoon.

    Going outside in the fresh air makes babies and parents calmer and happier.

  6. My lifeline for survival with a January baby and a not yet 2 year old who was an early riser was mall walking with the old folks. Nothing was open yet so there was no temptation to buy, the play area was practically empty and usually by the time we were ready to wind down to go home for naptime, Jamba Juice was just putting out its free samples.

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