The Friday Question: What are your Green Resolutions for 2010?

Do you have any plans to go greener in 2010? From the big things (install solar panels and go off the grid!) to the little ones (be better about switching off the lights!)—we want to hear what you have in store for the upcoming year. (We are also searching for resolutions to add to our own lists, so please help us out.)

If you need some ideas for greening 2010, we recommend The Green Year by Jodi Helmer. Read our review here!


  1. My goal is to be better about buying “stuff”. Even if it’s a good deal, I’m going to make sure I really NEED something before I buy it. I’m also going to try to borrow more things.

  2. I think to reduce pre-packaged foods and make more things from scratch. That goes for cleaning supplies too. I feel like I discard so much plastic and non-recyclable cardboard from packaging. Even if I am buying organic foods, and eco-friendly cleaners, they have a ton of packaging.

  3. I have been living my life green for quite sometime now, and I can say that it really is hard for someone like me to turn into green, but I must say that it is worth it. And for 2010, my green resolution is not for myself but for others, to encourage them to turn green as well. With the right explanation, I somehow hope that I will be able to encourage them.

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