A Full Night’s Sleep for a New Parents: The Best No-Cost Gift!

After months of grogginess, we recently experienced a night with eight continuous hours of sleep.  It was life changing.  Suddenly we could complete our sentences and even remember where we left our keys.

giving gift of sleep to new parentsPeople who regularly doze for sizeable chunks have no idea what an uninterrupted snooze can do for a sleep-deprived family in those first few months.  It revitalizes body and soul, regenerates our sadly withered coping skills, and helps us see the world, and our baby, in a whole new light.  (Think precious bundle instead of ten-pound heartless, sleep-depriving dictator.)

If someone would have offered to take my child for a night so that I climb between the sheets at 8am and get long hour stretch of unconsciousness, I think I would have cried with sheer happiness.

If you can’t manage taking baby for the entire night, volunteering for just a few hours of babysitting is also a tremendous help.  Parents can slip out for a coffee date or even flee to the cinema to play hooky from child rearing for just a few hours.

So, if you haven’t found the perfect present for the frazzled new mom in your life, give the gift of your time.  I truly believe that most new parents would value the break over any material item you could possibly give them.

Do you have other ideas for no-cost gifts for new parents?  Please share!


  1. a few hours of baby care is a wonderful gift!

    for those moms that can’t bear to be away from their new baby, another idea is a “coupon” to go food shopping for the new mom, or to do a couple of loads of laundry, 1 hour of free house cleaning, etc. 🙂

  2. OK Joy… so when are you dropping them off? 🙂 We’re home all weekend… give me a call!

  3. Most new parents will never ask anyone for help or to baby sit. Whether it be in fear of being a burden to someone else or just because its so hard to leave baby for the first few times. If you are a friend or a family member you are being a very big help in volunteering to help to give the new parents some well deserved alone time. The act means much more than you would ever expect.

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