It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas; or, All-Natural Air Fresheners

Why waste money on plug-in devices that spray chemicals into the air when you can scent your house with natural ingredients? This time of year, I like to buy whole cloves in bulk from the grocery store to make a simple homemade air freshener. All I do is take a small saucepan, fill with a cup or two of water, then sprinkle in a small handful of cloves. Keep the pan on low heat and let the spicy smell waft into the room. Of course, this does expend a bit of energy. I’m working on a bicycle-powered version of this little trick. . . .

clove-studded orange in bowl

Do you have any homemade potpourris or air freshener ideas? Do let us know!


  1. I make hot apple cider on the stove and it makes my house smell so good! Organic, of course! Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m with Heather- I love the scent of hot apple cider on the stove! Or baking cookies. A branch of pine (or the whole tree) is probably the most Christmas-y…

  3. I have a tiny crockpot that we got from my hubby’s gram. I throw in cheap cinnamon sticks, expired ground cloves from the spice rack an clementine peels with some water. Smells awesome!

  4. i do this with whatever citrus peels we have around, too, plus cloves and cinnamon sticks. yes, it’s using energy, but it’s also replacing some of the lost humidity in addition to making the house smell amazing:)

  5. I have an essential oil diffuser that plugs into the wall. It’s great because i can make up my own scent mixes like orange-cinnamon and the house smells great all the time!

  6. I let 2 cups of water simmer on the stove with about a tablespoon of cinnamon in it. It makes the house smell like cinnamon rolls! …if you like that. Happy Holidays!

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