Affordable Non-allergenic/Organic Crib Mattresses—They Do Exist!

The world of eco-friendly baby products is a quickly-changing one. Just months ago, Joy was expecting her second child. In her confessional post, she admitted that she couldn’t bear spending so much more for an organic crib mattress. Our readers assured her that she needn’t feel guilty. But now, just a few months later, there are several very affordable “greener” mattresses on the market! Look at the ones we found:

Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress $70 (21% off!)

sealy baby ultra rest mattress

This mattress has three non-allergenic layers. The top layer provides a plush, soft sleeping surface for baby.

Kolcraft EM782-LEC1 Sealy Naturalis Crib Mattress with Organic Cotton $88 (20% off)

Made from 150 interwoven steel coils and certified organic cotton certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A hypoallergenic sleeping layer and a protective wrap prevents allergens from clinging to the mattress.

Sealy Naturalis Crib Mattress with Organic Cotton $90 (25% off)

The Sealy Naturalis Crib Mattress with organic cotton includes naturally harvested and handled organic cotton and a hypoallergenic sleeping layer plus protective wrap for support and comfort.

*Our top pick!* Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress $149.

sealy soybean foam-core crib mattress

Uses a renewable resource—soybeans!—instead of relying on crude oils. This soy-based high-density foam doesn’t sag. The cover prevents allergens from clinging to the mattress.

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress $189

Made from plant-based materials instead of petroleum products.

DaVinci Organic Willow Mattress $209

The Willow mattress is made from a natural coconut palm fiber and latex-free foam to create a completely organic inner foundation that supports your baby’s sleep. It can be used on both sides.

If any of our faithful readers have tried one of these mattresses, we welcome your reviews! Did you find an eco-friendly option we haven’t mentioned? Or did you manage to forgo the crib altogether, opting to co-sleep with your baby? What worked for you?


  1. Wow! I would have purchased the Sealy soybean core mattress in a heart beat!

  2. What about organic/less chemical standard mattresses? Our son is about ready to move to a big boy bed and the toxins on twin mattresses out there have me freaked out. I found one source for “safer” mattresses, but there were so expensive.

  3. Amy, we should do a post on that, too! So far we’ve just looked into crib mattresses, but kids use their twin mattresses even longer, so it does make sense to be concerned about those, too.

    Joy, I just noticed that the price of that soybean mattress came up since I wrote the post. (It was once $115–now it’s $150), but it’s still a good deal!

  4. Any suggestions on organic, non-allergenic mattress covers? I have a mattress already and can’t justify spending on a new one, but I would like to put a cover on it.

  5. Amanda:
    Naturepedic has an organic crib mattress pad that starts at $59 and is vinyl, latex, PVC and phthalates free. It also claims to repel dust mites and other allergens and is waterproof. If it was my first child I’d just spend the extra to get the organic mattress but if you already have a conventional crib mattress and want to use it for a second or third child, this isn’t a bad price.

  6. Purchased an organic crib mattress from for my now 5 year old daughter. it worked out perfectly and I am glad I invested in one. but it’s good to see they’re coming down in price now.

  7. Amy: I’m looking on Amazon for organic crib mattresses and a few twin size are popping up in the search results. They are made by Naturepedic and cost $600. Maybe you could find cheaper ones with more digging.

  8. Readers beware… all of these mattress listed as organic are guilty of green washing. They are all treated with toxic fire retardants. Naturepedic will cost you more but you paying for a truly toxin free mattress which none of the mattresses above can 100% claim to be. I’ve spent hours (actually days) researching mattresses for my little one and when I came across this webpage I thought I’d share my findings.

  9. Alicia,
    You’re right that mattresses do have to be treated with flame retardants in America to meet safety codes, but the one exception to that rule is wool, since it’s naturally fire resistant. If you do opt to buy a mattress that isn’t treated with fire retardants, you actually have to furnish a signed letter from your doctor showing that you’re aware and willing to buy a mattress that doesn’t meet fire safety code.

    As you may have read from previous postings, both Rebecca and I put our infants to sleep on standard crib mattresses, just because there weren’t a lot of organic options available five years ago. Now there are so many options! (And that can also lead us to become mired in them…) I think parents just need to make the best choice they can while balancing cost, value, and environmental ideals. The perfect mattress will probably be different for every family.

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