FOOD, Inc. Movie Review

food_inc movie poster2FOOD, Inc. arrived at my house in its bright red Netflix enevelope and then sat on our phone table for two full weeks before we ever attempted to watch it.

Why?  We knew the popular documentary would be providing us with disturbing facts and honest images of what really happens to our groceries before they reach our kitchen table.  We imagined ourselves utterly disgusted sitting in a heap of depression at the end of the film.

In fact, our experience was just the opposite.  FOOD, Inc. did illuminate tough truths, but offset them with stories of how organic food is making a mainstream comeback.  Interviews with farmers who are longing to regain some autonomy and those who have struck out on their own offered hope and inspiration.  The movie reminded us that we consumers are voting for products every time we place them in our grocery carts.  Major corporations like Wal-Mart are taking notice of our shopping choices and the market is beginning to shift—however slightly—to meet our needs.

After the information about E. Coli and the security of our country’s beef supply, we as a family made the easy decision to skip beef unless it’s from grass-fed local cows.  We’ve also researched our chicken sources more carefully to buy from local farmers and are working on incorporating more vegetables into our meals as we come to depend less and less on meat.

I could write endlessly on all that we learned in just two hours, but watching the movie is far more powerful than anything I could list in this post.  If it’s sitting on your table in it’s red envelope, crack it open and prepare to be informed as well as inspired.


  1. I wish I could get everyone I know to watch this! I don’t know how you could watch it and still eat the same way unless you already eat well. I saw this a long time ago but I think I’m going to watch it again soon.

  2. I really loved Food Inc., too. I noticed recently that it’s available to watch in segments online:

  3. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, “Food, Inc.” is also available to stream instantly to your computer — just in case you don’t want to wait for the red envelope to arrive (or for your queue to clear out enough to move this one up the list)!

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