gDiapers: More Talk about the Flushable Hybrid Diaper

In July 2008, we ran a post called “gDiapers: What Do You Think?” It’s an old post, but it continues to be one of our most popular. Readers still stop in to offer their thoughts on this “hybrid” diaper—a soft, cloth diaper cover that is washed and reused along with a flushable insert made from wood pulp and SAP (superabsorbent polymer).

From an environmental standpoint, gDiapers seem like a good idea. The inserts use less material than a standard disposable diaper, and nothing goes into a landfill. Wet inserts can even go into the home compost bin! However, many of our readers pointed out the issue of flushing several inserts a day on top of washing the covers. Wouldn’t it be better to just use cloth?

The new gCloth inserts

The strange thing is, gDiapers must have been thinking the same thing. In fact, gDiapers now offer cloth inserts for those adorable gPants. Hm. Those sound a lot like . . . regular old pocket diapers. Perhaps the idea is flexibility: with a set of gPants, gDiaper flushable refills, and gCloth inserts, you could have a truly hybrid diaper. Perhaps you could pair the cloth with a flushable insert for overnights.

What do you think about gDiapers? Have any of you given the new cloth inserts a try?


  1. I’ve tried them with the flushable inserts – a friend lent me hers, along with some extra inserts.

    I can see their appeal, but for me they were the worst of both worlds – not as eco-friendly as cloth, not as convenient as disposables. For someone not willing to consider cloth, they might make sense.

  2. You know it was funny when I was pregnant with my 9 mo old daughter I did a lot of research to see what was going to work with me. I thought g-diapers were the answer. I read people having occasional issues with the flushing. I do my own compost so I thought this would be great but I have to say the idea of putting so many baby pees into my compost really did disturb me, and I read they don’t fully compost for a long time. And I use my compost regularly. After all was said and done it felt like cloth was actually going to be easier (esp bec. I live in an 80 year old house with old plumbing. I am SURE I would have had issues though I can’t confirm.

  3. i wanted to try these out when i saw an online special, and my plan was to use them on the go but mostly stuff the covers with prefolds at home (similar to what it looks like they are marketing now). however, in my reading, it looked to me like their covers were not, in fact, waterproof. a maxi-pad-type waterproofing liner goes inside the cover, but that seemed like it would be a big old mess, and supposedly they need replacing every three months or so (because they stop being waterproof). so i passed. anyone know if that is true?

    we sometimes use cloth on the go, but i do pack disposables in my diaper bag more than i’d like. using and flushing g-diapers in a public restrooms appeals to me far more than at my own septic-system house, but i’d definitley want to use the covers at home with cloth to make the investment worthwhile…

  4. I started with these because I liked the idea of having a disposable option, but planned on using the cloth inserts and prefold inserts most of the time. I used them for a short time and ended up using pampers more than the g diapers. We tried for about 3 months. The velcro went very quickly, the cloth bunched up a lot inside the rubber pant part and then they would leak and the snaps that snapped the rubber pant part into the cloth outer left red marks on my daughter. I also had a lot of leaks (I did multiple washings to make sure I had the optimum absorbency and used cloth diaper friendly detergents). I decided to try bumgenius, fuzzibunz, smartipants, and prefolds with thristie’s and flip covers – all of these work MUCH better than the g diapers. If I hadn’t tried the other options, I probably would have ended up going back to disposables. I would not recommend the g diapers. If someone is interested in having the disposable option on a cloth diaper, I’d recommend the Flip diaper. The covers have been great with good fit and no leaks and while I’ve only used the cloth inserts, I’ve read good things about the disposable option.

  5. I’m sad to read such negative remarks about g’s. I think they are a great option! Flushing isn’t so bad and all you have to do to ensure they don’t cause any clogs is swish them with the handy stick you get in your starter kit. (I swish before and during the flush to spread it out.) I only have leaking issues if I use prefolds or my kiddos pee multiple times. That’s not g’s fault, it’s my own. Poop is gross in any diaper, at least with g’s it goes down the toilet and not in a landfill. Happy flushing!

  6. g-diaper mom says

    I tried G-Diapers about a year ago when my son was 1, and they worked good, but not as convenient as a disposable. So this was our problem, my husband (no offense) hated them because he couldn’t just throw them away. He had to actually dump the liner out (who says men are tough?!?!). But I on the other hand loved them. So fast forward about 11 months, and our son started having reactions to the normal disposable diapers, rash, itchy, scratching, the whole uncomfortable nine yards. So I went out and bought the large sized G-Diapers, and they are once again working wonderfully! I know when i used them the first time i had to try a few different times to get them on properly. Sounds funny, they’re just a diaper, but if you have any gaps, you get little surprises out the side. But without the gaps, no problems! As for the liners, i haven’t had any problems with mine yet, and even if they do, its not like the cost of the diaper, and its an easy fix!

    I can understand people who use cloth diapers preferring them over g-diapers, but to a typical disposable diaper user who may want to do better for the world, but still not want to deal with the “yuckyness” of cloth, its a really great alternative!

    Now as Abby said they’re not as eco friendly as cloth and not as convenient as disposables, but from my point of view, they are not as inconvenient as cloth and more eco friendly then disposables. Guess it just all depends on who you ask!

  7. We have used the gDiapers for about 5 months and love them. We don’t use cloth because we can barely keep up with the laundry as it is, but flushing the disposable inserts has worked well for us. We are on a pretty good city plumbing line, so that I’m sure is a help! We only flush when we use the toilet too, so we tend to have a pile up, but we usually get caught up on weekends. (We’re also planning to start a compost pile in the spring.)

    We rarely have an issue with leaks except when she’s between sizes, and we only have to wash covers once or twice a week. We only have to do it that often because she goes to daycare, and they send them home all smushed together. When we change the diapers, all we have to do is hand wash the liners and we’re good to go – we can usually use one or two covers all day.

  8. I love gdiapers! I use them everyday, at home and on the go. They hardly ever leak and it is a lot less than any disposable I’ve used. They are easy to care for and adorable. I throw away the pee diapers and flush the poopy ones. I love that there isn’t a poopy trashcan in my son’s bedroom. My son is five months old and has never had diaper rash from gdiapers. He has gotten it from Luvs when he was between sizes. We still have disposables around for emergency (oops, mommy needs to do laundry), but those time are few and far between. I love gdiapers and would recommend them to everyone. My mother and sister thought I was crazy for choosing a cloth/hybrid diaper, but now they even recommend them! I love gdiapers and am proud to be a gmum!

  9. I use gdiapers and have ever since my daughter was 3 weeks old (she’s 9 months now). I have very rarely had leaks onto the outer diaper cover, and have only had anything get on her clothing maybe 2 or 3 times. The inner liner does get poop on it, but this is normal and to be expected, and now that she is eating food, it is happening less often with the firmer poop. The inner liner is still waterproof, although a couple of them that I accidentally put in the dryer did lose the elasticity, so I don’t use them any more. Replacement liners are very inexpensive.

    For me, I love that there is no bleach or perfume, and that the insets are 100% bio-degradable. Where I live, 90% of our household waste is composted by the city in a huge compost facility, so I toss the insert with no guilt. I wash the cloth diapers in with my daughter’s laundry. No water wasted, no detergent used. Gdiapers are the most environmentally friendly option for me. Plus they’re super cute!

  10. I use and love these things. Flush it, and it’s gone–out of my house, no diaper pail. Yes, they leak if the waterproof liners aren’t replaced every few months. But the covers get washed with the rest of the laundry just like underwear. They don’t increase the number of loads I do. And there’s no soaking, no lengthy time in the dryer because the covers are not the absorbent part. I have 4 kids and can’t keep up with laundry as it is. I couldn’t cloth diaper. The waterproof liner is not rubber, it is breathable, and these things clear up diaper rash quickly. I do not understand the flushing being environmentally unfriendly. Should we stop potty-training or dig an old-fashioned outhouse? We flush after we pee, why not after baby does?

  11. The cloth inserts are great. Unlike a pocket diaper, I can reuse the cloth cover and plastic liner (though I usually choose to wash the liner after a BM) multiple times before washing them. This cuts down on my water and soap consumption.
    The fact that I can take the flushable inserts with me when I go out to a museum or on a road trip (where carrying lots of wet diapers is less than ideal) is awesome. When we go to my in-laws, this is perfect. I don’t have to deal with using their finicky washer and can enjoy my visit. They are most definitely worth the investment.

  12. I LOVE my gdiapers. I use the flushables at night for my heavy wetter. I have cloth from my first child (before I knew about gdiapers) and use those during the day. I also use gdiapers on the go and so we never use disposables. I think they are great for those people that do use disposables traveling and on the go. Plus the ship regularly right to my house. I’m never out and I never have to run to the store for them.

  13. I love my g’s as a travel option. Normally we use BumGenius One Size pockets but that doesn’t work out well for traveling when I won’t be able to wash diapers for 3-7 days at a time. Not wanting to go to true disposables, I picked up a couple of little g pants at my favorite consignment store and gave them a shot. They worked well with both the flushable inserts and my cheap prefolds. As with any cloth diaper they need to be changed more often than a regular disposable, but I’m one of the people who thinks this is a good thing.
    On the go I can carry extra flushable inserts as well as a few extra “slings” for inside the same little g pant and just wash them all out in a hotel bathroom sink, let them dry overnight and be good to go the next day.

  14. I LOVE them. After using disposables for my first baby, I found these. What a great combo! I used the flushable inserts for the first few months and now use the cloth inserts. I sometimes use flushies when out on long day trips or when on vacation.
    There is a learning curve to using gdiapers and getting them to fit right. They have a gdiapers yahoo group full of veteran gmums who are more than willing to help or answer your questions 🙂

  15. I have used gDiapers since my son was about 2 months old (he was too small to fit into them any earlier), and I could not be any happier! We use the gCloth at home, and the disposable/flushable inserts on the go. I LOVE that I only have to have 1 system, but can use either the cloth or flushable. It is so much easier than having 2 seprate systems. Also, my son has extremely sensitive skin (even a few hrs in a regular disposable gives him terrible diaper rash), so the 100% chemical-free has been amazing! I only had a few leaks at the begining, but now that I know how to put it on correctly, I have NO leaks. Pampers and Luv disposiables leaked horribly in comparison. My view on gDiapers: I LOVE THEM!

  16. I’ve been using gdiapers on my 9 month old daughter since she was 1 1/2 months and have never had a problem. I hadn’t actually considered using cloth diapers at all but my daughter has extremely sensitive skin and I couldn’t use disposables on her at all. She would break-out in a really bad rash everytime I tried them. I haven’t bought g cloth inserts yet, I use prefolds and the flushable inserts. It’s rare when I have a problem with them leaking at all. Sometimes she is in her diapers for 12 + hours because she sleeps so long at night and I don’t want to wake her to change her. I used other cloth diaper brands before I found g’s and had tons of problems with them leaking.

    Suzannah, I haven’t had any of my liners stop being waterproof yet and it’s been 7 + months with the same diapers. I find they wash up really easily too! Some still look new!

  17. I think I would have tried harder if they were *much* cheaper…I blogged about my experience here:

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