Friday Question: Do Flushable Diaper Liners Really Work?

flushable diaper linersIt’s official.  Our daughter has started solids and consequently has entered the “gross poops” stage of cloth diapering.  We dunk and rinse in the toilet, but as much as we love cloth diapering, this phase isn’t exactly delightful.

Liners are available so that solid waste and the thin layer of paper can simply be dumped into the toilet and flushed away.  Imse Vimse, Biosoft, Real Nappies, and Kushies all offer flushable liners.  Have you used them and had good results?

Believe it or not, when your baby is just wet instead of poopy, the flushable liners can be laundered and reused which means that just one pack can last for quite awhile.  Have you found flushable diaper liners to be worth the expense? Do they prevent toilet dunking?


  1. I love my flushable liners. They make poopy diapers completely okay. Of course there are times when a diaper needs a dunk, but I find that is a rare occurence. I throw the ‘just wet’ diapers in the wash, liners and all and have some reusable clean liners for next time.

  2. i bought a pack of imse vinses 2+ years ago and still have probably 90% of them, if that gives you an indication!

    i found them to be huge. i’d have to fold them to make them fit, and then they’d squish up and twist when worn and there would still be poop on the diapers.

    i never really used them at home (we have a diaper sprayer on the toilet–LOVE!), but i really should get back in the habit of using them on the go instead of disposables.

    and yes, wet ones do go through the wash.

  3. I, too, have used the Imse Vimse ones – smallest/infant size. They have been big enough for my little girl all the way up to 2 and 1/2. I wash the wet ones once or twice and reuse. That makes me skeptical about how fast they break down when flushed… but haven’t had any problems with that yet (crossing fingers). I really like them – they have saved me many nasty toilet dunks.

  4. We’ve been cloth diapering for about two months now for my 4mo old. I notice a significant difference between stains on the diapers with liners vs without. The only thing I notice is that obviously the poop doesn’t sit in her diaper it is mushed on her bottom which takes more wipes and longer to clean her up. But we’re still formula feeding so that might make a difference. maybe it will change when she starts solids.

  5. I don’t know what brand we use (cover was ripped off long ago) but I don’t think I’d buy another roll of the liners, no. My daughter seems “squishy” enough that the liners don’t actually catch everything and I end up needing to dunk the diapers regardless of whether I’ve remember the liner or not. And remembering an extra step while diapering isn’t something I’m a fan of.

  6. I love the Bummies ones. They are much softer than the kushies ones and come in both infant and toddler sizes. A too small liner is of little use. They don’t make it through the wash, so I am confident they really do degrade quickly. If they are not dirty, I just air dry them and use it again. We use prefolds and I find it the easiest way to deal with the soilds poops.

  7. I used Imse Visme and did not like them at all! They were really big but thin. I pretty much had the same experience as Suzannah above.

    I bought the Kushies and love them! They are thicker and they fit better in the diaper. The only thing is, you have watch how thick you use… it depends on each household’s own septic system. I let mine set in the toilet a little bit to dissolve before flushing.

  8. I found the Real Nappies ones also on the site, looking forward to giving them a try as they sound a better option.

  9. I’ve been cloth diapering since my son was born six months ago. We use the Real Nappies diaper liner with their prefolds and they work great. The fabric is made of a natural material, (bamboo I think), and can be easily flushed down the toilet, thrown in the compost to break down, or tossed in the trash. They’re really thin and not at all bulky when put on top of his diaper.
    I would definitely recommend them to any parents wanting to use a liner in their cloth diaper.

  10. I love the flushable liners. I rarely have to dunk when I use them. It definitely makes diaper changes easier and less messy. I liked the Bummis liners better (they are much softer) than the Imse Vimse but I found the Bummis liners didn’t make it thru the wash and the IM liners do. They are a must for cloth diapering out and about. No one wants to carry a poopy diaper in the wet bag all day.

  11. Both my kids pooped usually once per day while in diapers–usually late morning.
    (I wish I was so predictable!)

    So when my son’s poops were less solid, we would put a liner in at his 10am diaper change only. Really made clean up easier.

    Now that it’s solid, we don’t use liners. In fact I bought only 1 roll of liners and it got us through.

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