Money Saving Monday: More Frugal Blogs for Families

green money saving tipsImagine getting paid to save the planet.  Sound enticing?  Sustainable living, in the ideal, should be about saving money, saving resources, and saving your sanity. The extra cash is like an environmental merit badge!  We’ve selected a few more blogs that focus on simple living this week to provide daily doses of thrifty motivation.  (Look at last Monday’s post for another three frugal blogs.)

For those who are just beginning to cut back, Almost Frugal is a really nice site that emphasizes living with less while improving our quality of life.  The posts offer a friendly, non-judgmental exploration of thrifty life and tips on how to evaluate where our money goes.

Frugal for Life’s focus on wasting less and saving more is a welcome read.  It’s packed with DIY ideas for frugal living and avoiding consumer traps, plus it has a nice homemade quality that we also embrace at Green Baby Guide.

Another great spot for the skinflint crowd is Frugal Village.  Instead of feeling like a cheapskate, you can learn from penny-pinching peers that share your vision for simpler living.

Reading any of these blogs for a few minutes a week helps reinforce my resolve to cut back and create more budgetary freedom.  It still feels as though my ability to save money is closely tied to available time.  Since I’m currently teaching full time, maintaining this blog and gearing up for the book release date in March, it feels like I need to budget my time as well as my money.  Still, the message these blogs keep coming back to is one that actually saves me precious moments–buy less, be resourceful, and skip a trip to the store.  I can handle that!


  1. I am a daily reader of Almost Frugal, and I can really say that the blog really did helped me a lot when it comes to saving. Thanks for sharing the other sites as well, it is much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for reading and selecting my site 😀

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