Money Saving Monday: The Best Couponer’s Blogs

coupon clipping and green productsMy sister never buys toothpaste.  Or shampoo. Or deodorant.  Don’t worry—she doesn’t smell bad, but she is a wickedly talented couponer.  She insists that if you play  your cards right, you can get many of your household goods at absolutely no cost.  Many shoppers refer to the coupon phenomenon as “the grocery game.”

Pulling it off can involve lots of time, newspapers, and trips to the store, but it may save you enough money to buy more organic produce or join a CSA.   Is it a perfectly green solution?  No.  Another detractor is that several coupons are for highly processed food. Still, if you’re desperately searching for space in your budget and you can bike or walk to shopping, it may work for you.

Here are a few blogs devoted to the art of coupon clipping:

Frugal Living NW is based in Portland and has a wide variety of deals including coupon formulas for getting free goods at drug stores, grocery stores, and online.  They’ll post all the coupon combinations for you so that you don’t need to do any complex problem solving before you arrive at the store.  You’ll even get insider tips on occasional organic product specials.

I love that Organic Grocery Deals is a small online community that shares a vision for green living and finding the best prices on organic products.  You can register for free and use the site to access online coupons and receive a regular newsletter.  Readers are from across the country so you’ll find all sorts of offers through a variety of stores.  (Also, check out our vintage post on Organic Deals, which also specializes in eco-friendly  products.)

Fabulessly Frugal is loaded with tips about sales and coupons with careful formulas for getting the best prices  The sales aren’t necessarily on organic food, but the stores she features such as Fred Meyer and Safeway do carry organic produce.  You could load up on a few deals and use the saved money to buy healthy produce for homemade baby food or toddler snacks.

Have you found any sites that feature coupons for healthy products? Are you a scissor carrying coupon clipper?  Is it worth the effort with a baby in tow?  I have to admit that I haven’t yet been able to cut coupons and then have them with me while grocery shopping.  It is a goal I shall aspire to in 2010!…

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