Do You Need an Organic Car Seat Cover?

In search of an eco-friendly car seat, I ran across the latest must-have baby accessory: organic car seat covers. That’s right—you simply take the horrible polyester cover that came with your car seat, throw it away, and buy your baby a bamboo infant car seat liner ($40). Too cheap for your precious bundle? You may be interested in the Itzy Ritzy Baby Ritzy Rider in Organic Baby Bamboo Infant Car Seat Cover ($110) or perhaps the organic wool car seat cover ($99.95). Never mind that they cost just as much as the car seat itself!
satsuma designs bamboo velour infant car seat liner

All right, to be fair, some babies may be especially sensitive to toxins in the fabric of regular car seat covers. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea for car seat manufacturers to use natural materials in their products. But we’ll save our money for a car seat made out recycled milk jugs!


  1. Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for your great scouting! We too love our bamboo velour car seat liner and it’s on sale for $30 at We’ve had a great response to the cozy, full coverage liner that makes riding in style easy and green.

    Jen from Satsuma Designs

  2. While those covers do seem nice, people should remember that after-market car seat accessories have not been crash tested by the manufacturer of your car seat and can even pose a potential risk in an accident. They can also void your warranty.

  3. what’s wrong with a thin blanket draped across the seat? You can even cut slits for the straps.

  4. Eileen, I think the idea is to reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that off-gas directly into the air your baby breathes. While covering the nasty, new plastic cover that comes with a seat with a blanket is better than nothing, it seems that removing and replacing the cover would be far more effective at reducing the off-gassing. The VOCs in vinyls and plastics have been linked to all sorts of diseases and disorders in children, including SIDS.

    Mari, your comment about the crash test safety of replacement covers is important. It probably depends on the design of the individual seat and cover, but I would hope that in most cases that a flat cover is not an important aspect of the seat’s safety. However, if it has a more complicated design, especially for infants, it might be important to leave it be and try Eilieen’s blanket idea, even if that doesn’t cut back much on the VOCs.

  5. Donna Westbrook says

    Uh, I would love something non-toxic, low or no gas off as a cover for my infant car seat…but bamboo that has been processed to be soft enought to be fabric wouldnt even make my top ten… you might as well use rayon… bamboo fabric gasses off terribly. There is a company who makes organic covers that are actually better for you and baby, they aren’t cheap. Bokoo, I found them on, think they are from like $69 to $80 per cover. Of course, if you are asthmatic, or have allergies, what is feeling good worth to you? And how much would you pay to help your child avoid developing asthma or allergies that you could possibly help them avoid? The first 18 months are crucial in a child’s immune and lung development.

  6. The chicco keyfit 30 extreme has very low toxicity levels and is in the top 3 of the recent consumer report as the safest carseats. We love it and there was no odor when we opened the box.

  7. What organic covers are available in Australia? The ones I found at Nollie Covers are created for US models only. I am super concerned about the toxic risk to my (currently unborn) baby, as I have just suffered a bad reaction to some cheap chinese clothing. I am a fully grown adult and reacted terribly to the chemicals in a skirt, I dont want this to happen to my baby!

  8. Michelle Evans says

    Kelly, I have just bought some organic cotton fabric and wadding to make new covers for our daughters car seat and our baby’s. I was just googling to see if there might be any interest in Australia, if I were to offer these for sale. Did you end up finding anything? I have yet to find any organic covers made for aussie child seats. Email me at if you are interested.

  9. Robert Duenckel says

    NollieCovers at, makes a whole line of organic replacement covers … With organic cotton and/or organic wool padding in them and you actually remove the original car seat cover, not slipcovers that go over the toxic car seat cover that comes with the seat.

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