Friday Question: Valentine’s Day . . . with a Baby?

Because my daughter was born just two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I can’t say we had a very romantic celebration on the year she was born. We went out to sushi with my mom . . . and ended up rushing home because she (the baby, not my mom) started to cry. As inexperienced parents, we had no idea how to handle this crisis. What about you—any grand plans for Valentine’s Day this year?



  1. My daughter was about two weeks old on Valentine’s Day last year. It’s the anniversary of my husband and my first date, so it’s always been a little extra special for us. We spent it at home with my husband feeding me our fancy dinner while I nursed our daughter and then me crying about it later. Oh, postpartum hormones! I think that was the peak of them too. We know this year’s Valentine’s Day will be so much better.

  2. I’m offering my babysitting services to my sister who has 2 toddlers so she and her husband can enjoy some alone time.

  3. My sister-in-law is having her baby as we speak, so I guess that changes the holiday for them forever more. I was born around easter and have gotten more bunny/wicker gifts than I care to remember, so I hope her new baby likes hearts! At least it is a girl!

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