What’s the Most Bizarre Place You’ve Breastfed Your Babe?

Should I wear a special shirt made for breastfeeding moms?  Where would I sit?  Would people stare?  In the beginning of my motherhood adventure, public breastfeeding seemed complicated and impossible.

Now, breastfeeding is no big deal. I simply cover baby with a blanket, pull up my shirt (and any old shirt will do) and discretely put baby to breast. I’ll admit that I did enjoy my “Hooter Hider” before we accidently left it at a park, but I wouldn’t tell any new mother that she had to have lots of fancy equipment, clothing, or prearranged locations to nurse her infant.

breastfeeding in publicI’ve breastfed in pizza parlors, grocery store aisles, dressing rooms, airports, buses, my car, restaurants, friends’ houses, and while walking through the zoo toting my babe in her Ergo carrier. I once breastfed her in church during silent meditation in the hopes of quieting her for a few moments.  It backfired, resulting in lots of loud slurping sounds which echoed through the room–causing smiles to appear on several faces.

Still, when I get even the remote sense that I am making others uncomfortable, I’m amazed by how many people are completely clueless about what I’m doing. One of my former middle school male students once chatted with me for twenty minutes while I fed my daughter in a cafe. I’m sure he would have been mortified if he had any idea of what was going on under her blanket.

If you’re on the bring of bearing your child, don’t waste any of your precious time worrying about how to breastfeed in public.  It truly is easy and you’ll get lots of practice on a regular basis thanks to your child’s appetite for milk.  Get out there and give breastfeeding on the go a chance!

Where is the most bizarre place you’ve ever breastfed your child? Help support those moms who are just getting started with their breastfeeding adventures!


  1. Does pumping count??? I once pumped in a lobster tank room at an outdoor seafood restaurant with all the lobsters eye-ing me!

    Not the worst place I’ve breastfed, but I was on a bench in Harvard Sq and a bunch of college freshmen were doing a scavenger hunt and had to take a picture with a monument I was sitting right next to (I moved of course)!

  2. I had to breeastfeed on a subway platform once, waiting for the subway. I never felt uncomfortable breastfeeding anywhere, but it was really dirty! My husband was the funniest, hovering around giving dirty looks to anyone who looks the least bit suspicious.

  3. What can beat a lobster tank room? We have nursed everywhere, but my most bizarre was possible the Jefferson memorial in DC. It was drizzling and we had a nice nurse in the benches under the rotunda next to the statue while husband read the quotes on the wall.
    My favorite nursing in public prop is a big scarf, which I wear anyways. The tail can just go over whatever is exposed for privacy or more importantly warmth (I have nursed in some pretty drafty churches.

    My local Mom’s list had a discussion of the best places to stop and nurse when you are out and about. One can nurse anywhere (in MA we can even sue people who stop us), but where are the most comfortable places?

  4. at church, probably, and at restaurants. i don’t use my hooter hider as much anymore, but they are really helpful in getting new moms to feel comfortable nursing in public. anything to prevent us from retreating from life, every 2 hours!

  5. With my 1st I was uncomfortable. I felt that would make misteps and just be hanging out for all too see. I realize know the only reason was bc I got all those special nursing shirts–they really don’t hide anything.

    At the end of my nursing with my 1st and now onto my 2nd I am extremely comfortable and it is no big deal. I usually just pop my baby right into the ergo put the hood on and nobody nows.

    I have nursed at banquets, basketball games, restuarants, coffee shops, malls, parks, my car, stores, planes, airports, while siteseeing, walking the dog, oh yeah and at home.

    The best comment I got though was when I traveled to Barbados with a group of people we were with the whole week. My Husband is a coach and we were with college aged athletes and there parents. Well one of the athletes asked me at the end of the week about my son eating. She said I have not scene him eat or take a bottle all week.(I thought I was really obvious when I was feeding him). Well when she said that one of the mothers and another girl both turned and were wondering the same thing. I told them that I nurse. They all at the same time went “OHHH Ok we did not notice, is that what that blanket thing was for? We just thought he was sleeping.” They went on to tell me that they thought it was great I nursed and the one girls sister was currently nursing her nephew and the mother told me how she nursed all 3 of her childern until they were one.

  6. I love that I can breastfeed my little man. With my first I was very aware of where I was, hiding so I could have privacy and not see the dirty looks people would give me. Now having my second son who’s now 8 months old. I give dirty looks right back. One woman even so boldly told me I should do that at home, I explained to her my son has to eat to and went right on feeding. Its not like my boobs were on display I always use a blanket or hooter hider. So go on ladies feed our babies and be proud there getting the best milk on the earth.

    So my craziest place my son has nursed was walking in the corn maze at Tanaka farms in Irvine, California he just had to eat at that moment.

    Mommy to Jackson 3, Alexander 8 Months Old.

  7. I would nurse anywhere, but my babies get SUPER distracted by everything at a young age, so I usually try to take them somewhere quiet. I often nurse in the car and also at church. Of course I’ve nursed in airports and on planes. No super weird places I can think of. I used to use a Hooter Hider with my first, but he didn’t like it much and I don’t make much effort to cover up with my second. When I am around friends, especially other nursing moms, I make zero effort, and if the baby comes off, yes, a boob might be seen.

    I have a question for other moms — how do you nurse in the ergo? I have seen the DVD, but I do not wear button down shirts and must wear a bra with pad all the time b/c I leak a TON. Do you just pull your shirt up under the ergo? That seems a little tricky.

  8. I nursed my son in a run down hamburger place that was really more bar than hamburger place. Amazingly, no one batted an eye.

  9. Betsy

    I wear fitted t-shirts like you get from the gap. I layer them or wear a tank under a reg shirt. Sometimes I match them. So I just lift the top shirt up and the bottom shirt and bra down. So nothing shows at all and noone can tell that there is anything going on bc the ergo mostly covers me as well. Then I just put the hood up on the ergo and the baby just nurses. If there seems to be a space on the side that he is nursing on I will usually just position my arm so it blocks anything.

  10. I woild think that a bathroom (ewww!) would be one of the strangest places any mom could breastfeed, despite the many strangers who think it’s the most appropriate.

  11. My baby is only 4 months old but so far it was probably on the bus- that’s not very exciting is it!

    I’m always keen to feed her out in public places. I just think of all those women who haven’t seen someone breastfeeding in public and might not consider it when they have children for that very reason- no body else seems to be doing it! The more of us that breastfeed without hiding away the easier it will be for the future mums-to-be to decide to breastfeed.

  12. Oh, we nurse anywhere and everywhere: church, airplanes, restaurants, stores, etc. But the most interesting place was probably my cousin’s wedding. During the wedding ceremony. My daughter slept through the whole thing — and then had a grand time at the reception.

    I second the scarf suggestion. Opaque scarves work really well for us, and I’ve been told people don’t even realize we’re nursing.

    I am truly in awe of the “pumping in public” mamas and anyone who can nurse while babywearing.

  13. I, too had the experience that people wouldn’t notice even though I never used a cover and I thought it was sooo obvious.

    I was on one of this 6 pm one hour city hopper flights that was ENTIRELY filled with suit-and-ties types. And of course I had a seat in the middle! I was nursing the whole time since this is the best way to prevent ear-aches. I was chuckling inside because just a year ago I might as well have sat there wondering why on earth this woman just MUST nurse at exactly this moment in this situation.

    After I had mastered this experience (and it wasn’t bad at all) I was feeling like the ultimate breast-feeding-pro and never even thought about when and where to nurse.

  14. I don’t know if it’s really a weird place, but I nursed my first son at the table during Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t cover him at all (maybe just to latch?), but no seemed to have a clue what I was doing. My grandma even came over at one point to ask to hold him and then said, “Oh, I didn’t realize he was eating his Thanksgiving dinner!”

  15. I’m also an anywhere/everywhere kinda gal. Just yesterday, I nursed in my seat at a Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up Show much to the chagrin of my mother. She wanted to cover me up “for the other people” and I was trying to discreetly let her know that doing so only draws far more attention.

  16. Pretty awesome ladies! I am still a newbie and my baby girl is 4months. I’ve only nursed in the car and at home but I hope to master feeding in my ergo (but I’m large breasted, so not sure if that would work?) 🙂

  17. I nursed while sitting in a dog bed on the bottom shelf in a Target store. It just happened to be the most comfortable nearby place when my baby got hungry.

  18. Becca, that is too funny!!! 🙂

    The most bizarre place I have nursed is at a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. Oh and a Roller Derby Bout (game). I never use anything to cover up with. You can’t see any boobage looking at me and it is so tough to keep the blanket on, then I can’t see him, then he pulls it off…..so I just don’t use anything. 🙂

  19. I recently spent a week at Disney World so that my 3 1/2 year old could enjoy herself and I nursed my 5-month-old son while riding Pirates of the Caribbean!!

  20. The oldest school in america. its located in St. Augustine, and usually nobody is there so I didn’t have to be so careful, until I saw that the people in the upstairs tavern/bar next door were staring, oh well, I was getting my husband to take pics of me. how many people can say they nursed at school???

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