Baby Leg Warmers as a Solution to Cloth Diaper Bulk

Balloon bum: An adorable, bulky-bottomed look caused by diapering baby in cloth.  May lead parents to adore cloth diapers for fashion reasons rather than just their obvious economic and environmental appeal.

Most of us embrace “balloon bum”—but dressing your baby can be challenging when most clothes are designed for disposable clad bottoms.  You can buy bigger pants and roll up the legs or stretch a pair of tights around the whole diaper—but I’ve just found a new solution.

baby_legsThis winter I discovered Baby Legs, baby leg warmers that stretch up to baby’s thighs without needing to cover the diaper.  Here are the reasons I LOVE this product:

  • I don’t have to take them off during a diaper change!  If it’s a particularly messy diaper I may pull them down to her ankles, clean her up and then simply pull them back up.
  • She won’t outgrow them for years.  The tights come in one size fits all so she can wear them as a toddler and a preschooler.
  • They’re great for potty training because your child can still have warm legs when going diaperless.
  • They can also be used on arms or stretched over pants on a cold day.  At home I sometimes put her just in a t-shirt, diaper, and her Baby Legs so that she can easily crawl and roll around without being encumbered by pants.
  • Baby Legs are undeniably cute!  Beyond the function and length of time these little garments can be worn, they come in really fun patterns and colors.

baby legs for potty trainingSome of you talented knitters could probably whip a pair of these up in no time.  For the rest of us, you can order Baby Legs on Amazon.  You can find a few pairs on sale for as little as 5.99 but they are regularly $12.00 a pair or a bit more for an organic set.  Jefferies Socks Baby Leg Warmers are just $5.50 a pair, but the sizes are just 1-3 months or 3-12 months.

Although I am an incurable tightwad, I have to confess that I bought several pairs of these online and love them!   It’s tricky to keep them both together in the laundry, but otherwise I adore them.  Have you tried Baby Legs?


  1. They are also great for covering the gap between pants and socks that happens when baby is in the carrier.

  2. I love Baby Legs! Check here for cheaper ones!

  3. I have 2 favorite uses for baby legs:

    Instead of Tights: I can’t imagine putting tights on my chubby 6-month old baby when she wears a dress. I use baby legs and socks under dresses — much easier diaper changes.

    Diaper Rashes — when my son had diaper rashes I would often put a fitted cloth diaper on him pretty loosely (without a waterproof cover) and baby legs. I could see as soon as he was wet and quickly change him and the baby legs kept his legs warm but didn’t get wet from the diaper.

    For baby carriers with a baby, I love footed pants, but I can see that baby legs would work well too, esp. with an older child (when footed pants are no longer a good option).

  4. We love babylegs! My daughter loves wearing dresses and tights only last us 1-2 wears before she tears them. It’s been a cold winter, but she’s been fine! We had them before switching to cloth and they made the switch a lot easier for both of us. We usually buy them from when they have a sale.

  5. I’ve got these. $8 each, and a discount when you buy more than 1 pair. I love them so much, so does my daughter.

  6. These sound like a great idea, but I have another problem related to the balloon bum: my baby’s onesies don’t fit! He’s just about 2 months old, and just switched from the newborn size to ‘large’ size cloth prefolds … and that, combined with his already-long torso, means half his 3-month-sized onesies don’t snap around him anymore! Love the balloon butt … resent the commercial clothes made for disposable diapered butts!

  7. Hey Margaret-they make extenders for onsies that might help your dilemma. I’ve seen them in babiesrus.

    I bought some baby legs at target because my daugther is in dresses a lot since it’s easier with the big diaper booty and her little legs would get cold while she was napping and she was still too young for a blankie in bed with her. Perfect solution!

  8. I love my baby legs. But I lost the only pair I have! I am searching for them! They are the greatest and so dang cute!

  9. In Canada, Baby Legs are $15, so my mom made a batch for my daughter.

    Step 1: Buy a bunch of super cute girls knee-highs at Target and dollar stores for just a few bucks each, cut off the feet.

    Step 2: Buy a bulk bag of baby socks, cut off the feet.

    Step 3: Sew the cuff of the baby socks upside down to the bottom of the knee-high socks (sew the two cut edges together). (this is because many socks need an elastic cuff so they don’t fall down when used as leg warmers)

    Voila! You have super cute, super cheap baby legs!

  10. As for laundry separation, I grew up using wood clothes pins to keep socks together. In fact, as my mother was concerned, our socks were to be pinned together unless they were on our feet! I love babylegs as well. Just perfect fir cloth diapering!! And, I do make me own as well…using store bought socks.

  11. You want to get them even cheaper than $5 a piece. Look them up from wholesalers. Some will sale mixed batches and some will let you pick the warmers in your mix. I’ve seen where you could get 10 pairs for $20

  12. The picture of all the babies in the legwarmers shows the legwarmers with feet. I know this is an old post, but I am desperately searching for thigh-high footwear. Every search turns up leg-warmers that do not cover the feet!! My daughters feet are constantly cold but the girl can ninja her way out of any socks (including knee-high ones) and shoes. I had the same problem with my oldest daughter and never found a solution. Now I’m seeing footed leg-warmers in photos all over but can’t find them for purchase anywhere. Please help! I’m so tired of the hassle of tights underneath pants or one-piece pajamas. Diaper changes are NOT fun right now… I mean, they’re even less fun than they were before!

  13. Samantha, I have not found legwarmers with feet, only tights and not that often. I was desperately in search of footed pants with my first and found a few options on Amazon. Nothing worth noting. With our newborn, I finally resorted to sewing socks onto her pants, since I didn’t want to spend money on footed pants. It wasn’t easy, but now I have the footed pants I’ve been wanting all along!

  14. If you look closely at the picture I believe is it simply the baby legs pulled over socks, I don’t think it actually is footed leg warmers. Used this way it can help keep socks on.

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