The Best Green/Eco-friendly Strollers for Baby

A green stroller?  Does such a product really exist?  There are certainly strollers that are eco-friendlier than others, but it’s pretty tricky to find a bamboo buggy for your new baby.  From our collective experience, the best way to go green is to select a multifunctional stroller that you’ll love through your years of talking your children for walks.

Regretfully I have to confess that we fell into the trap of having too many strollers.  Our tiny garage is loaded up with four separate contraptions for wheeling our babe along the sidewalk. We will try to save you from the same fate!

infant car seat carrierIf you want one for an infant:

What should you do with a newborn?  Honestly, newborns tuck into a sling or an Ergo carrier so nicely that we almost never used our strollers.  If you do want one, however, you might want to look into an infant car seat carrier. Simply snap your car seat into the frame and you’ll essentially have a travel system without all the chunky plastic.  You can choose from Kolcraft, Maclaren, Graco and many others.

If you want an extremely compact stroller:

We love Maclaren strollers for their design, function, and lack of plastic.  Some of their larger strollers (such as the Maclaren Quest) work from birth onward, but the Maclaren Triumph works after ten weeks and the Volo works for children older than six months. The whole line of strollers are light and collapse compactly for bus travel or to throw into the trunk of your car.  If you’re looking for a less expensive option, check out Chiccos strollers or Kolcraft strollers.

If you’re a runner:

While they are a bit big, Bob strollers are wonderful for running with baby.  They adapt to fit infant car seats and also come in double strollers.  They have ample storage and a nice cover to protect baby from the sun.

honey-bee-bike-trailer-2009If you want to bike with baby:

One of our favorite multifunctional choices is the Burley Bike Trailer.  While somewhat clunky, it works as a bike trailer, a running stroller, and a double stroller.  Baby won’t be able to ride in it until she’s a year old, but it can be used for years on family bike commutes.  If the price seems a little steep, you could opt for the similar In-Step bike stroller for much less.

You’ll find even more detail about eco-friendly, budget-friendly baby-toting devices in our new book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet.  You’ll also get options for making your own sling and tips on saving money by purchasing a gently used stroller.

What is your favorite baby-toting device?  It may not even be a stroller! Do you own a stroller that you wish you had never purchased?


  1. I love my Moby wrap to carry my daughter around. We also just purchased a second-hand Quinny stroller. I love how light and compact it is, plus it has 3 different positions to carry the baby in.

  2. We finally invested in a Burley Cub which was a lot of $$$… if we’d bypassed the other 3 strollers we barely ever used before falling in love with this one it would have been better for our budget – but live and learn.

    We had one baby and started with a “system” type stroller and to it’s charm it was smaller than most, more like a sturdy umbrella stroller than the usual giant, clunky system strollers. We drug it with us when our 1st son was 8 months old on a flight to Texas and used it only once 🙁 …

    We then bought a single jogger type (low end) which was awesome on the beach, etc. but…

    Then we had baby #2, 2 years later and thought we had to have the sit & stand kind of stroller… but our active 2 year old was not interested in sitting or standing on the thing… so all three ended up gifted/sold to friends.

    We hardly ever used any of them… our babies were sling babies until they were too dang heavy to carry.

    I did find a very cool and not crazy expensive, side by side double stroller that supports a whopping 100 lbs (50 lbs per seat) which is the one in our car and gets use when only one parent is around to wrangle both boys (now 20 months and 3 1/2) at the mall or for short walks – so that one serves a purpose and should last us a few more years before the monkey boys outgrow it.

    But now with the Burley, we are so in love. It’s grand on the beach, of course amazing with the bike and wonderful for long walks – helping us all be more active. It’s almost completely water proof, which is a huge bonus here in the wet Willamette Valley. It’s big enough inside for the boys to be able to crash out and there’s enough storage in the model we got, you can walk to the grocery store and stow 2 or 3 bags in the back.

  3. The Orbit is Oeko-Tex certified and is the only green stroller I know of in terms of being eco-friendly. Definitely not budget-friendly, though, expecially when you consider the extra pieces you will need to make it last through the toddler years. I believe they also make or made an organic version. Personally, I would never buy it, though, regardless of it’s green status. I’ve just never really liked it. I much prefer slings, and Maclarens are amazing for everyday use 🙂

  4. Well I have to admit that until I read this the idea of a green stroller had never even crossed my mind…..I do try to be environmentally aware and recycle as much as I can and use green household cleaners where possible etc but this is whole new level for me. It has set me thinking about other stuff we use and never think about, I can see I am going to have to do some reserch here!

  5. I have written here about my love of my Uppa Baby Vista before. I recently wore the rubber off the tires. They happily sold me new ones, since they sell all the parts. We are expecting a second child. They have a seat that converts it to a double and a ride along board for another option. When they come out with upgrades, they often sell the pieces so that older strollers can be updated.
    I did not buy my stroller specifically as a green one, but it is turning out to be. Particularly since it lets us go car free, but that is a longer post.

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