The Best Green Parenting Blogs of 2010

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A lot can change in two years. That’s how long it’s been since we last blogged about our favorite green parenting blogs. (Here’s part one and part two—both from the dark ages of 2008.) Since then, some of our favorites have dropped off the edge of the blogosphere, and a few new faces have arrived on the scene. Here’s what’s happening right here, right now!
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  • Baby Cheapskate: Saving Big Bucks on Baby Stuff. This site alerts you to deals, sales, and special coupons for diapers, car seats, toys—anything you might need for a baby.
  • The Clementine NW blog is based in Portland, Oregon. Their store sells adorable clothes, slings, and more.
  • The Cloth Diaper Blog boasts a wealth of information on cloth diapering.
  • Crunchy Chicken is “putting the mental in environmentalism.” One of the funniest, most popular green bloggers out there!
  • Crunchy Domestic Goddess blogs about hot topics in the green world, from birthing with Kourtney Kardashian to composting with worms.
  • Eco Child’s Play talks about hot topics in green parenting—like what happens to your breasts once you stop nursing.
  • Enviromom is written by two Portland moms. Check them out for discussions on sustainable energy, ideas for reducing household waste, and eco-friendly crafts.
  • Frugal Babe lives “a rich life without a lot of money.” She and her husband paid down $33,000 in debt in just two years!
  • Gray Matters is a stay-at-home mom who cares about the environment. She has a slew of interesting crafts, menu plans, and thoughts on motherhood.
  • Great Green Baby showcases the latest and greatest green baby products on the market.
  • Green and Clean Mom is one of our old favorites! She has made blogging and selling Shaklee products her mission in order to make the world a greener and cleaner place for her children.
  • Green Mom Review offers quick reviews of a variety of eco-friendly products.
  • Green Style Mom muses about her life with her husband, kids, cats, and dog.
  • Haute Nature features “ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and lifestyle.”
  • Little Green Blog shows how a family goes green on the other side of the pond.
  • Mindful Momma blogs about finding “the balance between living green and going broke.”
  • Natural Papa gives us a glimpse into a dad’s take on natural parenting.
  • Nature Moms has gained a following for her informative posts about healthful foods, natural home remedies, and safer products for the whole family.
  • Not the Jet Set tells “one family’s story” of “money, stewardship, and frugal living.”
  • Organic Baby Resource Blog has the “long-term health of our children” in mind as it shares “the wisdom gained from personal experiences, medical experts and organic industry veterans.”
  • Outdoor Baby offers tips for enjoying outdoor activities with babies and kids in tow.
  • The Pregnancy and Baby Blog is your go-to spot for news on fertility, pregnancy, and early babyhood.
  • Recycle Your Day “is a website founded on the ideas of creating a simple and  ‘green’ lifestyle while incorporating natural and healthy living tips.”
  • Retro Housewife Goes Green is on a journey to become “a little greener every day.”
  • So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter is written by “a lover of quirkiness, justice, grace,
    community, honest dialogue, natural living, good food, good books, bad tv, music, the underdog, and the earth”
  • The Clothesline always impresses us with posts on how to recycle almost anything.
  • The Simple Life is written by a crafty, creative mother of three.
  • The Soft Landing reviews baby products, looking out for alternatives to unsafe plastics.
  • Treehugging Family is another one of our old favorites, discussing eco-news and products for the whole family.
  • Walking Upside Down blogs about motherhood, writing, and the environment in New Zealand.
  • Zoë B Organic Weekly finds the latest eco-friendly goods for babies, moms, and kids.

We love everyone on our list, and we hope we haven’t forgotten anyone! Who are your favorite eco-bloggers?


  1. Green and Crunchy is my new fav blog!!! Well other then this blog!

    It is a mom in Ohio who is homeschooling her 5 children and they eat a mostly raw vegan diet. She has so many creative meal ideas that she feeds her children and off of section plates.

    Each month she writes about her bulk orders that she gets from her co-op and other places.

    Everything she makes looks sooooo yummy!! She makes you think you can eat a raw diet no problem. I do not think I will ever convert to a raw diet but there is no harm in me trying some of her yummy ideas!!1

  2. Okay, I am biased, but really it is a great site and a great blog with copious information on living green for families: informative, non-judgmental, and with lots of good resources

  3. Hi ladies!
    Thanks for the shout out!!! 🙂 I will agree with Ali. Great list! Have an awesome weekend.

  4. Oh, thanks you guys! What a wonderful list! I’m loving your book and can’t wait to write the review and tell everyone about it! Great job!

  5. Hey, thanks for including me in the list. I have to go check out the rest!

  6. Diana Helena Niles says

    I was so happy to read the review on the strollers as I was extremely overwhelmed with all the many products and I just wanted to find something simple and Green. Also, I wish I would have known about Diaperwraps that is also highlighted on your site because I could have purchased their starter set. Now, at 6 months old (time to purchase larger wraps) I can at least benefit from their bulk discount! Thanks guys, you are my go-to site.

  7. Thank you so much for including The Green Mom Review on this list. We’re thrilled to be in such good company!

  8. Thanks for including me in the list. All of them are great blogs!

  9. Thanks so much for including me on your lovely list!

  10. I didn’t see this sooner or I’d have said something… Peggy and I really appreciate the Tree Hugging Family love, but the network where we launched that blog took the content and merged it into a general website – with all sorts of topics. They didn’t feel that families deserved a dedicated green site. Peggy and I still do though.

    That said, Peggy and I are still pals, and still blogging the same Tree Hugging minded stuff, just at different locations. I’m at Growing a Green Family (, and Peggy is at Light Green Stairs (

    PS sorry about the links – lots of people knew us from THF, and since the network who owns the site didn’t love THF as much as us and our readers, we’re trying to let people know it’s not up anymore.

  11. A great blog to check out is Lots of eco-minded tips, especially for nursery design and cloth diapers.

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