Top 5 Reasons to Buy The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

5. We wrote it. And we don’t like to mention this often, for fear of appearing self-aggrandizing, but we are geniuses. We’ve composed poetic, emotional odes to cloth diapers. We’ve poured our soul into manifestos on buying used gear. We’ve conducted ground-breaking research on the best way to puree a steamed yam.

4. It has the power to change lives. Say your beloved friend has registered for heaps of plastic gizmos and coal-operated baby contraptions at Babys R Us. The Eco-nomical Baby Guide would be a nice, passive-aggressive way to say, “There’s a hole in the ozone layer. Let’s do something about it.”

3. We confess to sins against Mother Earth. We wish we could say we fed our babies nothing but homegrown organic vegetables, laundered their clothes in a solar-powered washer, and made all their toys out of corn husks and acorns. But the truth found between the covers of our book is much darker, and much more shocking.

2.  You will save thousands of dollars. See this Bugaboo Cameleon for $979? Or this Tiny Tots loft starting at $2,262? Or this Little Miss Liberty brass cradle for $6,500? Don’t buy them! There—we just saved you $9,741. The Eco-nomical Baby Guide steers you away from products you don’t need  and nudges you toward some well-considered, affordable, eco-friendly purchases.
miss liberty brass cradle

1. Buy the book, save the world. It’s that simple, really. Once you buy the book and start following its advice, you’ll notice the Earth will start getting greener every day. (And no, this has nothing to do with winter making way for spring.) You’ll throw away less trash, eat more chemical-free food, and cut back on those carbon emissions. Children from all nations will join hands, singing songs. And it all starts with you.

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  1. This is the best list of reasons to buy a book I have ever seen. I will buy the book. Now all I need is a baby to go with it!

  2. I only wish I’d read this blog entry before buying the Little Miss Liberty Brass Cradle for my two iguanas, Edward and Bella.

  3. Mark, while we don’t specifically address iguana-owners, I think you’ll find much of the advice in the Eco-nomical Baby Guide to be applicable to your situation. Have you thought of selling your Miss Liberty cradle on e-Bay and co-sleeping with Edward and Bella for maximum eco-friendliness?

  4. Excellent info…keep it up!

    Thanks & regards

  5. Love the list. Who knew you guys were so funny?

  6. I just got my copy in the mail! Love it!

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