Okay, to be honest I haven’t tried that many dishwasher detergents. The reality is, I didn’t have a chance: the very first detergent I tried after getting a dishwasher two months ago worked miracles! My mom recommended Biokleen dish powder to me after  trying a few different brands with little success. She actually thought she had a subpar dishwasher because her dishes came out caked in food particles. Once she started using Biokleen, however, her dishes emerged shiny and clean.
biokleen automatic dish powder

With that promising testimony, I bought the canister of Biokleen. It seems expensive at $11.99 for 32 oz., but you use just one tablespoon per load, and one canister promises 64 loads. (So that’s $.187/load.) I wish it came in a cardboard box instead of a plastic canister, but I’m guessing that one canister will last over half a year. I’ve been using it for over two months now, and my dishes are spotless.

But let’s compare the cost of Biokleen to other brands. You can get a 12-pack of Seventh Generation Auto Dish packs for $51.21 on Amazon, and each pack will wash 15 loads. That comes to $.28 per load—and you have to buy in bulk! And how does the Biokleen compare to something like Cascade dishwasher detergent? It looks like even the bulk options on Amazon will run at least $.21 a load. So, while the small canister of Biokleen dish powder may seem really expensive at first, it’s actually more cost-effective than even conventional detergent! (We found the same thing when we reviewed laundry detergents.)

If you try this detergent and it doesn’t produce satisfactory results, this may be because your water reacts differently to it than mine. (I have soft water in Portland, by the way.) I’ve read that what works wonders for one person hardly works at all for others. Have you found an eco-friendly detergent that leaves your dishes sparkling? Let us know!

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