Using a Blender to Make Baby Food

blended baby foodRebecca likes to cruelly taunt me about the use of my blender for making homemade baby food. Honestly, I could care less. I proudly stand behind my little Osterizer and its amazing ability to whip up heaps of sweet potatoes, baby spinach, and pureed pears. (By the way, Rebecca and I are playing up the blender drama just for show. Our nearly twenty year friendship hasn’t been damaged by this small appliance duel.)

Due to limited storage in my kitchen, I have to limit my gadgets. Nothing earns the right to live in my cupboards unless it can prove that it has many functions on a regular basis. My blender is a standby for summer smoothies, popsicles, and, of course, baby food. I simply steam or boil the food, dump it in, and add some of the liquid used to cook it. Then I whirl it up and dump it in ice cube trays for storage. When it’s frozen, the cubes go into labeled freezer bags where they wait to be microwaved for dinner. If you’re looking for some elegant and healthy recipes, along with cloth diapering tips and heaps of ways to save money on raising baby, check out our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.

Do I find the blender difficult to use? Hardly! I will say that when I’m making a big batch I occasionally have to turn the blender off and stir the contents a bit with a wooden spoon before I start pureeing again. I can’t really say that it’s any hardship…  And, to validate my choice of appliance, there is actually a book entitled Blender Baby Food!”  I haven’t read it and can’t comment on whether it’s worth a purchase, but it certainly goes to show that I’m not the only one putting my Osterizer to good use!

Do you use a blender for baby food? What is your appliance of choice? Let’s get this debate going!


  1. We use one of those tiny food processors – We had it left over from when we used to make salsa with it. Sometimes it takes a few iterations to blend all the food because it is so small, but I know around the holidays you can pick those up for around $5. We do have a large food processor in storage but our current kitchen is too small to justify taking it out of storage. We also use the ice cube trays / zip lock bag for storage.

  2. I blender baby’s food as well, however, I don’t frozen it as I want my baby to eat freshly cooked food every time 🙂

  3. I used my $3 thrift store blender. It worked fine and was one less appliance to buy and store. 🙂

  4. I purchased the KidCo Electric Food Mill that is made for blending up baby food. I do love it…it is small, easy to wash and can sit on the counter and not take up much room. I do think the blender would do as good of job, though, especially if I used my blender all the time. I don’t, however, it is in the cupboard…so I like my little food mill.

  5. I used the blender babyfood cookbook for three kids and loved it and blender baby food in general *and I had a food processor too!

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