Why Making Baby Food in the Blender is a Bad, Bad Idea

Constrained by a dearth of kitchen cabinets, Joy has never owned a food processor. How, then, did she manage to blend up her own baby food? Did she smash yams with her bare hands, pulverize zucchini with a potato masher, or run over a bag of ripe bananas with her bicycle? No. She used her blender.
kitchenaid 5-speed blender
The Kitchenaid 5-speed Blender

Now, when Joy told me this, I had to laugh: this was the only kitchen gadget—and I confess to owning many, many kitchen gadgets—that I didn’t get much use of when making baby food. Blenders are more suited to blending liquid concoctions than pureeing fruits and veggies. You’ll find yourself adding a lot of water and making good use of a spatula when you make baby food in a blender. Because of this, we (well, I) recommend using a food processor or a food mill for your baby food making adventures.

If you do have a blender or want to buy a blender, it does have a place in the baby food kitchen. Once your little one learns to drink from a straw, you can pack fruits, vegetables, and “extras” such as brown rice protein powder into smoothies and popsicles. (Here’s my recipe for spinach-strawberry popsicles. Here are Joy’s popsicle recipes, including a delicious tofu-chocolate one.  And don’t forget another great blender recipe: Yumm sauce, the sauce that gets your kids to beg for beans, rice, and vegetables.)

So what blender is best? I recommend a glass blender with a wide base (click on that link for several affordable options). Cheap plastic blenders tend to change shape over time, and depending on the type of plastic used, it can leach chemicals into your food. A wide base makes the blender much easier to clean. I have the KitchenAid KSB5 5-Speed Blender, which costs $150. I bought mine over ten years ago, and I have been very happy with it.

Do you use a blender for making baby food? I promise not to chastise you for it. Come back for my reviews of immersion blenders!


  1. I use my Braun handblender… it is super easy to do it in the pot that I steam the veggies in!

  2. Couldn’t link to the popsicle recipes. Could you repost? Thanks!

  3. Holly, the links work for me. Try searching for popsicles in our search bar if they still don’t work for you!

  4. i used a blender to make all my sons food. It worked great.

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