Five More Very Good Reasons to Buy The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

So saving the world isn’t a compelling enough reason to buy The Eco-nomical Baby Guide?  Some of you need a little extra incentive to buy our treatise on diapers, baby food, and other titillating topics. Here are five more reasons:

  1. It has a cute cover. And as the saying goes, “You should definitely judge a book by its cover.” Imagine how nice it will look on your coffee table. Picture how cool you will look reading this book in a coffee shop.
  2. You will impress your guests with our recipes. Avocado delight! Pumpkin pancakes! These recipes will dazzle the taste buds of your guests, particularly if you do a lot of entertaining for the six to eighteen-month-old crowd.
  3. We’re hard core! Who needs another tip about sorting recyclables or turning off the water while you brush your teeth? Our book goes beyond the basics. Home composting diapers, anyone? Reusing bath water?
  4. But we’re guilt-free. Okay, so you don’t want to home compost your diapers. We get it. Don’t worry—there’s more than one way to skin a cat –and diaper your eco-baby.
  5. The Eco-nomical Baby Guide is the next Star Trek. . . In that it boldly goes where no baby guide has gone before. Some books tell you to never, ever, ever put your precious bundle in a secondhand car seat, crib, or even high chair. We go there. Boldly.


  1. Any chance of making this available as an e-book?

  2. This seems like a great book to review!

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